Haiti: Starving Blacks Attack Relief Trucks and Steal Everything

You know why Haitians are acting like this?

Because of global warming.

New York Post:

Haitians overran trucks filled with supplies, stealing food and other necessities Friday as the country’s leaders scrambled to provide relief a week after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the impoverished country.

The earthquake left more than 2,200 dead and 12,000 injured in the country’s southwest.

Many of the Haitians who swarmed the relief trucks in the port city of Les Cayes said they had been left homeless by the earthquake which struck last Saturday, according to an Associated Press report.

An AP photographer saw people stealing foam sleeping pads from a truck parked at a Red Cross compound, while others stole food, said Jean-Michel Saba, an official with Haiti’s civil protection agency. Another photographer witnessed a group of men pulling large sacks from a half-opened container truck in the small town of Vye Terre.

Some of the trucks that were looted belonged to the US-based Food for the Poor. The trucks had been transporting cases of water, rice and beans.

Before global warming, there were no hurricanes, and black people all had an IQ of at least like, 85.