Hamas Found Guilty of Rape in Another Dimension of the Multiverse

This bitch is literally crying because Hamas didn’t rape her.

Hamas didn’t rape her.

However, the guilt of the rape remains, because in another dimension, where circumstances were different, Hamas would have raped her.

This is my favorite news story now.

New York Post:

The 21-year-old French tattoo artist abducted and wounded by Hamas terrorists said she’s convinced there’s only one reason she wasn’t raped by her captor during 54 hellish days in captivity.

“His wife was outside the room with the children,” freed hostage Mia Schem said during a newly released interview on Israeli TV. “That was the only reason he didn’t rape me.”

Schem, who has dual Israeli and French citizenship, said her tormentor kept her in a dark room under constant watch for most of her time in Gaza.

She said she was starved and taunted by the terrorist’s family while wondering if she’d be killed at any moment.

“[I was] closed in a dark room, not allowed to talk, not allowed to be seen, to be heard, hidden,” Schem told Israel’s Channel 13. “There is a terrorist looking at you 24/7, looking, raping you with his eyes.

“There is fear of being raped, there is fear of dying,” Schem said, at times bursting into tears while recounting the ordeal. “His wife hated the fact that he and I were in the same room. You feel like you want a hug, you know, woman to woman, to break down a bit.

Americans are so stupid and fat.

Is Hamas an Islamic terrorist organization or is it a bandit rape gang? Because by definition, it cannot be both.

“Islamic terrorist organization” not only means that they are philosophically opposed to raping prisoners of war, but it also means that the organization contains a very strict hierarchical structure, which means members engaged in violations of the religious structure – such as men engaging in rape – would suffer the weight of Islamic law.

For the record, I don’t think Hamas is actually an Islamic terrorist organization, or even an “Islamic group” in the sense that the term is used in the West. The concept is that the group is motivated by Islam. In fact, Hamas is motivated by the fact that Jews stole their land and forced them into an open-air concentration camp. If Jews had done this to Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus, there would be a group identical to Hamas opposing them and using the corresponding religious regalia.

The Russian military is flying the Christian flag in the Ukraine, and they are doing religious ceremonies blessing the weaponry used in the war. Putin also built an “Armed Forces Cathedral.”

Does this mean Russia is fighting a Christian crusade?

In some sense, you could obviously say “yeah, they are.” But the reality is, Russia had no choice to fight the war, just like Hamas had no choice but to fight the war, because both were under attack by the Jews.

There’s a “Hindu war” in India, there’s a “Buddhist war” in Myanmar. But the reality of all of these conflicts is that groups of people are simply fighting enemies.

The only real “Islamic terrorist” group in recent memory was ISIS, which was ostensibly specifically fighting for “Islamic rule.” Of course, most Moslems rejected ISIS and their agenda, and ISIS was primarily organized and funded by the United States and allied with Israel.

As relates to that fact: you’ll remember that we were always hearing about ISIS doing “forced marriage.” Even in articles with headlines that said “rape,” you would find the term “forced marriage.”

You can say that’s moral or immoral, or whether it’s “rape” or not, but ISIS did marriage ceremonies with the women they were kidnapping, as per Islamic law, which requires them to make a commitment to provide for the women in question.

As relates to this other dimensional rape, Hamas is an Islamic group, and that is an obvious reason they wouldn’t do rape. But Russia has also been heavily rape-hoaxed.

“Rape” is always an accusation against enemies in any military conflict. It might happen sometimes, but I don’t suppose it happens very often, and it is obviously ridiculous on its face that an organization as strictly disciplined as Hamas would be raping hostages inside of an organized hostage negotiations situation. It’s totally unbelievable and silly, and Americans literally have fat in their brains which prevents the processing of information.

Every American who is promoting this child murder campaign and claiming that Palestinians are subhuman is literally a subhuman. If you eat to the point where obesity has removed your brain’s ability to process information, you are functioning well below your God-given human capacity, and are thus “subhuman.”