Happening: Baltimore’s Biggest Bridge Collapses After Cargo Ship Rams Into It

Baltimore is one of the biggest ports in America, so expect this to have consequences


I guess maybe… don’t hire so many black people and women to run your infrastructure?


A container ship rammed into a major bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, causing it to snap in a few places and plunge into the river below. Several vehicles fell into the chilly waters, and rescuers were initially searching for at least seven people.

Two people were pulled from the waters under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, one in serious condition, according to Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace.

The cargo ship appears to have crashed into one of the bridge’s supports during the middle of night when traffic would be expected to be lighter, according to a video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. The vessel caught fire, and thick, black smoke billowed out of it.

“Never would you think that you would see, physically see, the Key Bridge tumble down like that. It looked like something out of an action movie,” said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, calling it “an unthinkable tragedy.”

Hey, that’s a fun line!

It does indeed look like something out of an action movie.

The fire chief said authorities “may be looking for upwards of seven people” but said that number could change. It was not clear if the two rescued were included in the seven.

Sonar has indicated that there are vehicles in the water, where the temperature was about 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) in the early hours of Tuesday, according to a buoy that collects data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Earlier, Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, told The Associated Press that several vehicles were on the bridge at the time, including one the size of a tractor-trailer truck.

He called the collapse a “developing mass casualty event,” though he didn’t know at the time how many people were affected.

Yeah, it sure as hell looks like a mass casualty event.

One would expect some on the boat to be dead as well, no?

Cartwright added that some cargo appeared to be dangling from the bridge, which spans the Patapsco River at the entrance to a busy harbor. The river leads to the Port of Baltimore, a major hub for shipping on the East Coast. Opened in 1977, the bridge is named for the writer of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore declared a state of emergency and said he was working to get federal resources deployed. The FBI was also on the scene.

Synergy Marine Group — which owns and manages the ship called the “Dali” — confirmed the vessel hit a pillar of the bridge at about 1:30 a.m. while two pilots were in control. It said all crew members, including the pilots, were accounted for and there are no reports of any injuries.

Before you ask, Synergy Marine Group does claim to value diversity.

It’s the direction of everything in this society: total collapse.

A bridge this size collapsing is very symbolic.

Who knows what the fallout will be for commerce and whatever.

What we do know is that this is just going to keep happening. Replacing all white men with blacks and women, who never had to meet the same standards as the men they replaced, is having very serious consequences everywhere. This is just going to keep getting worse until the West collapses completely. There is no way that they can walk any of this back. They cannot fire these blacks and women and bring back white men. They’ve boxed themselves in.