Baltimore: Power Went Out on Ship Before It Crashed Into Bridge, Negro Government Staff Cannot Find Six Corpses

This Baltimore situation is wild.

Assuming it wasn’t some kind of foreign attack on America (which is possible, though unlikely), this is a total catastrophic failure of the American diversity order. These complex industrial system that were built by white men simply cannot be maintained by blacks and women (at least not if you refuse to hire them based on merit).

The city is run by blacks, and the crew appears to have been almost entirely Indian/Pakistani.

This should be viewed as simply a continuation of the crises we see at Boeing. Diversity was forced, and it took a few years, but the predicted competency crisis is now here, as the technological-industrial systems of America have begun to collapse.

Understand: this doesn’t get better from here. If you want a picture of the future of America, here it is:

Sorry? I guess?

I’m sure it sucks, but it’s not like it wasn’t extremely predictable. No one should be surprised: the Daily Stormer never lies.

The media is reporting that the ship somehow “lost power” before the crash, and had no redundancy systems in place to maintain steering.

The government is now officially giving up on the six missing people, because they’re dead anyway.


The US Coast Guard says it is suspending its search and rescue efforts for the six individuals still missing after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

“I’d like to announce tonight that based on the length of time that we’ve gone in this search, the extensive search efforts we’ve put into it, the water temperature, that at this point we do not believe that we’re going to find any of these individuals still alive,” Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath told reporters at a Tuesday evening news conference.

The collapse occurred after a massive container ship lost power early Tuesday and crashed into the bridge, sending people and vehicles into the frigid Patapsco River.

The six missing people are believed to have been part of a construction crew repairing potholes on the bridge, Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld said at a news conference earlier Tuesday.

“We are going to suspend the active search and rescue efforts. Coast Guard’s not going away, none of our partners are going away, but we’re just going to transition to a different phase,” Gilreath said.

Earlier Tuesday, two people were pulled from the Patapsco River, Baltimore City Fire Department Chief James Wallace said. One was not injured and the other was taken to a local trauma center in “very serious condition,” he said. A patient being treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center was discharged later Tuesday, the hospital said in a statement.

Baltimore City Council Member Phylicia Porter told CNN’s Boris Sanchez on Tuesday afternoon a body had been recovered from the river, but later said she misspoke.

Dat Phylicia done been ran she mouth again, like dat?

Dam boi.

Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., secretary of Maryland State Police, confirmed during the Tuesday evening news conference that no bodies have been recovered from the river.

Efforts will now shift focus to finding the missing people to provide closure to their families, Butler said.

“At this point, we do not know where they are. But we intend to give it our best effort to help these families find closure,” he said.

Yeah, they’re all dead, bro. They couldn’t swim because they were black. You can’t find their bodies (which should have been floating) because you’re a moron who only got this job because you’re black.

Or hey, I don’t know – maybe some of these men floated to safety, and used the opportunity to escape child support duties? That’s probably what I would have done if a bunch of Pakis smashed into me on a bridge.

Following the closure of this port, the city of Baltimore is going to go the way of these missing corpses, and just sort of drift away into nowhere. That’s a certainty. It’s not clear how it will affect America more generally. There hasn’t been any kind of noticeable economic response to it. Probably, the people predicting major crisis are exaggerating. Of course, I have no idea, but that’s usually the case.

We don’t seem to get any major crisis. Instead, we get a compounding, intensifying series of mini crises, as things just slowly sink into hell.


That woman, whom you know, posted a theory that this was an attack. I don’t really agree, but it’s interesting, and is viral, so don’t tell anyone I didn’t share it with you. It’s I guess plausible that a cyberattack could cause the power to go out on this ship. It also is crazy they smashed right into the pylon.