Baltimore: The Boat Path of the Crashed Container Ship Makes You Wonder How They All Don’t Crash

People are talking about the Baltimore bridge crash, as the media attempts to bury this story that is so embarrassing for the American system.

Some people think it was some kind of sabotage, while others believe it is a natural result of the diversity that has infested our industrial systems in America.

Personally, I do not have a strong view on this either way. The idea that it is more of what we are seeing at Boeing with DEI hiring is certainly plausible. But it is also a very specific event.

This gif shows the path of the crashed ship, which made the very big turn correctly and then made a small veer from where it was supposed to go and crashed:

It makes you wonder how these DEI people avoided doing this crash for so long.

However, the fact that boats go along this path every day and don’t crash, and the fact that the power went out on the boat just before it hit the pylon, is a bit suspicious.

From the path, you can see that if the power had gone off at any other time, the bridge would have not been destroyed. A random failure of power could be easily blamed on diversity, but the power going out at the exact moment that it would cause the boat to crash into the support and take out the entire bridge is an extreme statistical improbability.

There are a number of different state actors who could have done this. It’s not gone without notice that it happened just days after Russia started to pin blame on the US for their biggest terrorist attack in decades. Meanwhile, the war in Gaza is ongoing, and many different Islamic groups are threatening various forms of retaliation against the US. It looks like the crew had a lot of Moslems, which means that an Islamic group could have recruited some of them to cut the power. The US is also bombing and threatening to bomb a lot of other people in the world, so it could really be anyone.

The US has become like a global Jew slumlord.

Lara Logan is going around saying she has sources and it was definitely a “cyber attack.” I don’t put too much into what Logan says about anything, but she is the main person going around saying this.

Frankly, we won’t ever know what happened. You can see that the story is dropping out of the media. No one in the government wants people to see this, regardless of the cause. Even if the US knows that some foreign actor did this, it would make the US look so weak that they would never announce it. In fact, they would bury information about it.

It’s possible that more information will come out, making it more clear to observers, but nothing is ever going to be definite, and the government is never going to admit to anything.

If it was a foreign state responsible, that is quite a thing.