Happy Birthday, Elvis

Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday.

I hope everyone is thinking of him and keeping him in their thoughts, as they take some time to think about him.

I have a lot to say about Elvis. More than you could have ever expected. The Daily Stormer is entering an Elvis mode; they are going to have to learn to be pro-Elvis, and sick perverts who think being exclusively attracted to 14-year-old girls is wrong will resent the Daily Stormer for entering into Elvis mode.

Elvis was a superhuman figure, and he totally destroyed Western civilization.

But he didn’t do it on purpose.

It wasn’t his fault or his agenda, it was just that he was the most incredible living figure since Hitler, and he got caught up.

He should have been made King of America, instead of King of Rock ‘n Roll.

We’re going to need to start to understand just how handsome and cool and genius Elvis was, and it is fitting that we should announce it on his birthday.

The Daily Stormer may in fact shift entirely into Elvis – with a side dose of pumping crypto scams that make me personally wealthy.

Here’s a special and very important fact: if women had their way, every single woman on earth would have preferred to be impregnated by Elvis, rather than whoever they got impregnated by. There is no woman who was alive on the earth at the same time as Elvis who would have chosen her husband over Elvis.

Please watch the ’68 Comeback Special, and just try to understand.