Italy: Climatards to be Fined Up to 60,000 Euros for Throwing Soup at Paintings, Monuments

This is definitely gonna change the weather

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So-called eco-vandals are to be fined up to 60,000 euros under a bill that became law Thursday.

Climate activists have attacked several well-known monuments in Italy in recent years.

The law aims to stop this form of protest, levying fines of 20-60,000 euros for anyone who defaces the cultural heritage.

A judge on Wednesday indicted three members of Italy’s Ultima Generazione (Last Generation, UG) climate group for spraying wash-offable paint over Maurizio Cattelan’s L.O.V.E. sculpture in Milan a year ago.

Women are obsessed with the weather hoax because they believe their menstrual cycles are sacred and give them magical powers.

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