Harry and Meghan Work the Phones to Get Whitespeech Shut Down

The Puke and Pukess of Sussex, half-breed Meghan Markle and her bitch Harry, haven’t been idle during their luxury lockdown in California. Oh no. They’ve been working hard to suppress the last lingering traces of Whitespeech on Facebook.

It seems the royal rejects have been personally phoning up execs and asking them to stop advertising on Facebook – until it agrees to suppress “hate speech.” In practice, of course, “hate speech” simply means Whitespeech – any speech in which white people attempt to articulate their own interests or express any sense of collective consciousness.

The Times reports:

Prince Harry and Meghan gave their support for the Stop Hate for Profit initiative last weekend, supporting the “urgent and pressing need for reform” and the call for “structural changes to the online world”.

The campaign is calling for companies to withdraw advertising from Facebook and its sister site Instagram this month in an attempt to get the US social media giant to make more of an effort to curb the spread of hate speech, racism and misinformation on its platforms. The campaign has attracted more than 160 brands, including Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Diageo and Unilever.

Jim Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, a charity promoting safe technology and media for children and one of the organisers of the campaign, said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex emailed him to ask how they could help.

Professor Steyer, who teaches on civil rights and civil liberties at Stanford University, said: “Harry and Meghan, they came to us. They endorsed Stop Hate for Profit. They wrote to me saying: ‘Which companies can we help target?’ They have jumped on board.

“They reached out to us personally and said we want to be part of this movement . . . they are outspoken advocates of Stop Hate for Profit and we appreciate that.”

The Sunday Times adds a little more detail:

Alan Jope thought there was nothing left to discuss. On a call last month, civil rights organisers behind the Facebook ad boycott pressed their case with the chief executive of Unilever: if one of the world’s biggest advertisers joined the campaign, it would send a powerful message to Mark Zuckerberg.

The boss of the consumer goods giant, which makes Persil and Radox, was inclined to agree, but the organisers had one final flourish: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. A source said: “At the end of the call, they said, ‘We’ve got Harry and Meghan, who are prepared to talk to you’. They were on the line, and said they fully supported the boycott.”

Jope was not the only chief executive to get the royal treatment. The company have been regularly turning up on calls with company bosses, said Rashad Robinson, chief executive of Color for Change, one of the groups behind the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. Harry and Meghan, he said, had opened their Rolodex and made calls to folks and tried to explain the goals of the campaign. It’s been incredibly helpful.

What we’re seeing is an astounding combination of class and ethnic warfare in which elite aliens campaign to have the speech of ordinary white people suppressed, and then congratulate themselves on their “bravery” for doing it.