Hasan Piker, Where You At? [UPDATE]


Hasan finally did respond.

This cocksucking turkroach is SHOOK.

Watch this clip until the end.

That nigga is SHOOK SHOOK.

He opened the clip and then started whining like Mr. Garrison and said he was banning the guy who linked it and he is going to ban anyone who posts it, forever. He called Sam “a mentally ill Nazi” and whined about how he’s threatening to kill him. He pretended to not understand Sam Hyde is a professional comedian. He acted like he doesn’t understand that, then just moped in shame after sputtering like a homo.

This is going to ruin his life. You can’t live with this kind of shame. He’s talked a whole lot of shit about punching Nazis. He’s in the same weight class. Sam Hyde is not a professional boxer. He would make hundreds of thousands of dollars cash money, and what the build-up for the fight would do for his brand would be worth millions of dollars. No one would care if he lost.

What is the excuse here, Hasan?

You brag about Islamic terrorists killing white people constantly, you constantly talk about how you want to punch Nazis.

Why won’t you fight Sam Hyde?

What’s going on, big guy?

This is going to ruin his life.

You can’t do that and live with it. Especially with this response being spammed everywhere. He had to have known this was coming – he could have replied with something like “he knows where to find me.” He could have planned a calm, chilled out dodge, and let things die down. Sam is banned from everything, so all he had to do was dodge. Instead, he did what you saw in the above clip, and whined like a little bitch, then hall-monitored his chat.

But no. He went full whiny faggot, and the internet is forever.

His life is literally ruined, forever. Whatever hoes he’s banging are going to bring this up and giggle at him.

Just think about how you would feel if you were that guy, then multiply it by like, a lot, being from a culture that still has some kind of masculine values. This is going to eat up his soul. In that clip, he looked like he was about to have a vax attack. He was struggling to keep from literally shaking.

Frankly, his uncle, Cenk Uygur, would probably show up to the fight.

People should figure out how to get that clip shown on Turkish television, so his extended family sees it. He’s probably already hated by a lot of people in Turkey for representing the country as like, some kind of tranny haven. Remember when Moslems were saying they were going to kill that Arab porn hooker whatshername? The one with the tits that got spammed everywhere for like three years? Moslems probably have an even worse response to one of their men coming to America and promoting trannies and then backing out of fights like a faggot.

If someone can get this on Turkish TV, his entire extended family will be socially shunned over his cowardice. We have kind of a lot of Turk readers – I know you’re all thinking just exactly what I said you’re thinking. It’s worse than that porno bitch from Jordan. Figure this out, my dudes. At the very least, get it on popular forums and websites and so on – quickly.

Original article follows.

You want to punch a Nazi, you Turk faggot – let’s do this.

Pussy bitch.

Are you seriously not even going to respond to this?

You just got called out in front of the entire internet. Everyone is watching this. Everyone sees you’re a bitch and a coward who talks shit on the internet and won’t defend his gay beliefs in the ring.

How many times did you say “punch a Nazi” while wearing makeup and women’s clothes, makeup, and nail polish?

The Irish people are refusing to tolerate this insolence.

Either fight, or go back to Turkey and herd goats, you disgusting nigger.

The Candyman cometh.