Hate Crimes Rising Since 2018, Schools Infested with “Intimidation”

When you become a racist, the first thing you learn is that hate crimes are a hoax.

If you go in and read the studies, you find they are ridiculous.

This “hate crimes” study openly includes “intimidation” as a hate crime.

New York Post:

Hate crimes skyrocketed over a five-year period ending in 2022 — and schools were the third most common location where such offenses were reported, according to a newly released FBI report.

As much as 10% of all hate crimes in 2022 happened between students on school campuses, the special report states. The most common location was homes, followed by highways and roads, the FBI found.

Homes? I don’t even understand that.

But “roads” means road rage incidents. As if a white man was driving like a black man, you wouldn’t get even more enraged.

The number of reported hate crime incidents increased each year from the prior year — beginning with 7,181 incidents in 2018 and ending with 11,643 incidents in 2022.

“During these five years, over 30 percent of juvenile victims of hate crimes, experienced the offense at school and nearly 36 percent of juvenile offenders committed the offense at school,” the report stated.

Elementary schools — defined as preschool to 12th grade in the report — saw more hate crimes than universities and colleges for every year cited.

The most frequent type of hate reported at schools was anti-Black crimes — with 1,690 such offenses between 2018 and 2022 — followed by antisemitic crimes at 745 and anti-LGBTQ at 342.

Offenses defined as “intimidation” were the number-one most common occurrence at 1,623 over the five years then came vandalism at 1,543 and simple assault at 826.

Intimidation can be a crime, though most forms of intimidation are not crimes. This report clearly includes “crimes” that did not result in criminal charges.

I’ve never in my life witnessed a white person intimidate a black person. I sure have seen a lot of the reverse.