Female Brute Tortures and Kills Animals Live on YouTube

Blacks seem to have a very low rate of loving animals.

Anigar Monsee, 28

If a white person is torturing animals, you think “well, this person is going to be a serial killer.”

If it’s a black person torturing animals, you think “well, that is just a black person.”

New York Post:

A wannabe influencer was arrested in Pennsylvania after she allegedly tortured and killed animals live on YouTube to gain more social media followers, cops said.

Anigar Monsee, 28, was slapped with a slew of animal cruelty charges last week over four livestream videos she posted to her channel that allegedly showed her mutilating a live chicken, pigeon, rabbit, and frogs, the Daily Times reported.

To be fair, I know another group of people that mutilates chickens, and they do it on an industrial scale.

They don’t get punished for it.

You kinda have to wonder why this double standard exists.

Why are Jews allowed to torture animals, and black people are not?

Monsee, who in some of the videos appeared scantily clad, allegedly solicited more likes and followers from her 20,000 subscribers as she hacked at the animals in the various livestreams, according to a criminal complaint.

It’s just barbaric. It’s inhumane that someone could do that,”  Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt said, adding that it was even more disturbing “the fact that you are soliciting and people are encouraging this.”

Yes, okay. Fine. I agree.

But how is it possible that we are not talking about the fact that the Jews do this constantly?

That has to be her defense in court: well, the Jews are allowed to do this.

“My client saw videos of Jews torturing chickens and suffering no punishment, and therefore did not understand that this behavior was illegal.”