God’s Wrath: 50+ Dead in Hawaii Fire as Retaliation for Even Worse Gay Shit

MFs in Hawaii be like

I assume these fires were caused by magma spewing from a volcano.

I wish there was a volcano so big that it erupted and killed everyone on earth.

That would really be the ideal scenario.


Police in the US state of Hawaii have confirmed the death of at least 53 people due to massive wildfires that have been raging on Maui island since Tuesday. Governor Josh Green predicted that the natural disaster could be the largest of its kind in the archipelago state’s history.

On Thursday, Maui county police chief John Pelletier revealed that the death toll had risen from 36 to 53. When asked by reporters about the number of missing people, the official said “honestly, we don’t know.”

I know what you’re sitting there asking right now.

The answer is “yes, because of course.”

Governor Josh Green

Hawaii is extremely multi-ethnic.

This is what used to be called a “clusterfuck.”

Everyone gets it.

Everyone knows who does really well in such places.

It’s only one group of people.

Governor Josh Green

Seriously though, this doom volcano was caused by global warming.

Sky Daddy is never going to burn you alive over child trannies or putting the people who killed His Son in charge of your government.

Anyway, whatevs.

It’s been real, but I gotta get back to Faerûn and kill more people for propositioning me for gay sex.