Head of Gaza’s Biggest Hospital Says Israel Tortured Him and Others for Months

Nobody wants to get tortured.

You know, you think about war, and it’s like “well, if I get shot to death, or blown up with a US-made 2,000-pound bomb, that’s gonna probably be pretty quick.”

But no one wants to spend months getting tortured.

The other thing that would really, really suck is getting trapped under the rubble from one of those US-made 2,000-pound bombs and then like, just I guess dying of dehydration. That would suck bad.

The Jews really do a lot to advertise both of these things.

Because you know what is worse than months of torture or being stuck in rubble for days until you die of thirst?

Imagining those things happening to your kids.

The Guardian:

The head of the Gaza Strip’s biggest hospital has accused Israel of torturing him and other detainees, following his release after seven months in Israeli prisons and detention facilities.

Mohammed Abu Salmiya, the director of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, was among dozens of Palestinians freed and returned to Gaza on Monday, according to Israeli authorities.

The doctor, who had been held by Israel without charge since arrest at his workplace in November, said he and other prisoners were subjected to “almost daily torture” while in detention in Israel.

Mistreatment included assaults with batons and dogs, deprivation of food and medicine, as well as physical and psychological humiliation, Abu Salmiya said.

Other detainees released alongside Abu Salmiya also alleged abuse. The claims could not be independently confirmed but matched other accounts of Palestinians who have been held in Israeli custody.

Abu Salmiya also said the medical staff at different facilities where he was held had taken part in the abuse “in violation of all laws” and that some detainees had limbs amputated because of poor medical care.

The row came as the Israeli army ordered another mass evacuation of Palestinians from much of Gaza’s second city, Khan Younis, in an indication that troops were poised to start a new ground assault on the city.

Much of Khan Younis was destroyed in a long assault earlier this year, but large numbers of Palestinians have since returned to escape another Israeli offensive in Rafah, the southernmost city in the territory.

They have to return to a city the Jews already destroyed because the Jews are currently destroying the city they fled to.

This is Looney Tunes.

Hamas still going strong, by the way.

Still firing rockets.

Still killing Jews.

There hasn’t actually been any progress made at all, in terms of Bibi’s stated goal to “destroy Hamas,” and in fact they’ve made the situation much worse, because I guarantee you, at least 99% of the boys who survive this are going to join Hamas as soon as they’ve got hair on their balls.