Hero Alex Stein Getting Canceled by Conservative Faggots for Interviewing Hero Nick Fuentes

Future American Dictator Nick Fuentes appeared on Alex “Prime Stein Time 99” Stein this week in an excellent episode.

Just now, however, I was listening to Ethan Ralph’s show, and Alex said that he is getting totally canceled from everything for having Nick on his show. Specifically, he implied he’s been kicked out of Charlie Kirk’s Freedom USA. Is it called Freedom USA? What the hell is that organization called? Talking Points USA. Alex didn’t actually say he was kicked out of that, but that was the implication.

He’s done stuff with them, and I think he was scheduled on a tour with them or something. I don’t know the details.

Alex recently went viral for giving a frankly unwarranted compliment to AOC about her (frankly not very impressive) Latina booty.

See: Alex Stein Flirts with Big Booty Latina AOC – She Threatens to Change the System to Destroy Him

This was a huge story. She ended up saying that the January 6 was an inside job, admitting that the cops let the protesters into the Capitol building on 1/6. She was whining about how the cops wouldn’t arrest him for complimenting her, so she spilled the beans on their 1/6 conspiracy.

I thought she was about to start talking about Comet Ping Pong.

So, Alex was the big man on campus in the conservative movement. Everyone wanted a piece of him. Now that he’s interviewed Nick, they’re canceling him. This is breaking news, I just heard it on Ralph, it’s not clear what he’s canceled from. I can’t even confirm he’s canceled from TPUSA, that just seemed to be the assumption.

Frankly, I’m surprised Charlie Kirk even was willing to work with Alex in the first place, since he’s called out the stupid Russia war hoax. Kirk is a total John McCain style shill – but at least John McCain betrayed America only after being tortured by homosexual gook communists after he crashed into the jungle while drunk driving a jet plane. Charlie Kirk looks like he’d be the one torturing the homosexual gooks.

To be fair, during the interview, Nick kept dropping “hard r” n-bombs, and when the topic of the Jews was brought up, he said, “I think it’s time to start talking about total annihilation.” Then he held up what appeared to be a legitimate human skull and said “we need to get this thing started, frankly.” I think he was purposefully trying to get Alex Stein’s YouTube channel banned.

At one point, Nick Fuentes started singing the “Little Black Sambo” song and Alex Stein went into some kind of fugue state.

Really good show, but a really rough ride for Stein. He reverted into some kind of childhood trauma, as far as I could tell.

No, no. I’m just joking. It was a perfect interview. Perfectly normal, like everything Nick does. Nick has never done anything wrong.

However, Nick is radioactive to the mainstream conservative movement, because the mainstream conservative movement is a racket run by Jews, homosexuals, Jewish homosexuals, and women. The awesome thing is this: when he was on with Ralph, Alex said that the fact that people are canceling him over talking to Nick just makes him want to do more stuff with Nick.

This is the deal: we’re building a group of people who are not going to sell out. Everyone sells out. That’s always been the problem. Everyone eventually sold us out for decades. The current situation is not the fault of leftists, who no one even likes, it’s the result of people who were supposed to be on our own side selling us down the river.

All those faggots from the Alt-Right sold me out. Go look. Go find anyone from the old Alt-Right movement who is still saying the same thing they were saying in 2016. Half of them went the Lauren Southern route of getting mad money, the other half went the Richard Spencer route of becoming a neo-Nazi freak promoting vaccines. I’m the only one still left. (I’m sure you could find someone else, but of any of the major people in the Alt-Right, I’m the only one left.)

Now, people are coming forward that are real niggas who are down to ride or die.

We’ve got nothing left, boys. There’s nothing to buy if you sell out. You can’t buy a new country, you can’t buy some new secret kind of marriage where your wife can’t leave you and take your children. What can you buy that you don’t already have? A race car so you can go cruising through tent cities of heroin addicts?

It’s one thing to sell out in the 1960s or something, when it’s like “okay, I can sell out and get my money and nothing really bad is going to happen to anyone as a result.”

Then there was a time when it was like “okay, bad things are going to happen, but I need that money.”

Now it’s “there is literally no reason to sell out because I can’t buy a country or a family and the sell-out people aren’t funny at all. At least if I don’t sell out, I can hang out with people who are funny.”

If you’re doomed either way, who would you rather hang out with?

These two?

Or these two?

It’s actually against your own interests to sell out, unless you’re just a total coward faggot who’s like “oh no, the FBI is going to get me and waterboard me, no, I’m so scared.”

Shut up, faggot.

If you were afraid of heat, you should have never gotten involved. You should have got a job at an insurance company, watched porno, and built stupid walls in Fortnite or tried to interrupt some other dumb asshole building his walls.

Life is risk and reward, and it is also suffering and death.

It’s very short, let me tell you this much – life is very short.

You should remember that when you’re making your decisions.

Never forget: this is the cuck test: