Heroic Figure Nick Fuentes Approaches Donald Trump Speech Negatively!

The speech with Nick watching

Nick’s commentary after the speech

I wrote a blurb about the Donald Trump post-booking speech yesterday, but I didn’t actually watch it.

Last night, I watched Nick Fuentes watch the speech and talk about it. He was extremely negative. Having watched the speech, I basically agree with him. It was similar to his announcement speech: again, just regurgitating these talking points we’ve heard trillions of times already, with very low energy.

This was a big opportunity where he could have made a big display. Instead, he had a “text Trump” ad on his podium, and started talking about global warming or whatever sort of inane tripe.

Personally, I have no ability to really care about this very much, because it is so obvious that it is impossible for Trump to win the general election because of fraud. I consider anyone even entertaining the idea that even Ultimate Trump 2099 Version could win the general election as stupid. Even if he got 90% of the vote, they would just close down the count and produce new fake votes. They could even announce that they were doing that and nothing would happen.

Here’s the thing, guys:


They are cutting teen girls’ tits off, man. No one is doing anything about those sweet teen tits being made into laboratory goop to grow diseases on or whatever (you can look this up; all human medical waste gets sold as goop for experiments at cosmetic companies and so on).

They are arresting people for memes.

The shit that is happening in this country is so far beyond the pale that it is above my imagination. And what is happening?



These people in control of my country – the people we call Jews or more colloquially “THE BLOOD-DRINKING RAT KIKES” – have an absolute vice-grip at this point, and they can do absolutely anything they want to do.

No one.

Is going to do.


When you realize that, you can sort of relax, I think. There is nothing anyone is going to do. If anyone was going to do something, you would have signs that this was at least beginning. In any normal country, if they were tit chopping and arresting memers, you would have had a bloody revolution by now.

But we have NOTHING.

It is a doomed, damned country.


That’s all.

That’s the reality.

We had a chance with Trump in 2016, and no one was there for him, and he quite honestly failed miserably himself, and then we let the election be stolen right in front of us, and then BRANDON took the helm and began destroying everything like an absolute maniac, chopping tits off left and right, arresting people for making hilarious memes, starting wars with superpower countries, opening the border completely and letting probably tens of millions of apes from the woodlands flood in like some kind of river of brown flesh – and people are, at best, grumbling.

Something has happened to this country. It does not have a soul. The people are a zombie mass, incapable of responding, no matter how outrageous the outrage.

Let’s just be real: there’s no actual hope.

It just is what it is at this point.

Maybe something will happen and things will turn around.

But you know what that would be?

That would be a miracle.

The basic fact is that we are going to have to wait until the US system collapses for anything to change. The US will change, it will be returned to reality, after the dollar system ends, after China is the dominant global power, and when the US government no longer has this status of absolute ability to control everything.

Because of this terrible understanding I posses, it becomes difficult for me to get upset about anything anymore. I have taken on a kind of Zen status.

Nick said what Trump should have said in this speech: he should have gone up and said that the entire system is rotten to the core, and he is the last hope, the final chance for America. That what is happening transcends politics, and cuts clear to an existential, spiritual battle between good and evil. That all of our lives hang in the balance.

Clearly, he should have said that. But I can’t really expect anything from him at this point.

I think that Trump would be the better Republican candidate if we can’t get Ye (and we haven’t heard from Ye in a bit). He would be better than DeSantis, who is just a fat joke and a neocon pervert.

And the thing about that is – here’s the thing about that slob DeSantis – he is currently the de facto successor to Trump. Even if he doesn’t even bother running against Trump this cycle (which would probably be the best move for him), insofar as the Republican Party has any future at all (it doesn’t, but insofar as it does), DeSantis is the only major figure in the party, having been pumped up by the media and the big money Jews.

But whatever.

Trump has no energy, he has no virility, he is not interesting, he doesn’t seem to himself believe it is possible to win (probably because he’s realized the thing I realized, which is that there is no possible way he can win an election and the whole thing is basically a joke). That would, presumably, be why he is treating the campaign purely as a money-making opportunity. He won’t even go on Twitter, where everyone would be paying attention to him, because he wants to make a bunch of money on his retarded “Truth Social” website. Everything about the campaign is being run like the primary goal is to make money. It feels totally hollow. Trump is old, of course, but he can still talk, and even if he couldn’t muster up physical energy, he could use powerful words. But he’s not doing that.

Something about it all feels surreal, or simply unreal. It feels like a made-for-TV movie, 1990s style, about “what if Trump ran in 2024?” and they couldn’t afford good actors and the script was terrible and everyone working on the film was exhausted, addicted to opioids, and going through a divorce. Even the fat 50-something women on Twitter with all the MAGA regalia seem to just be going through the motions.

I don’t have any reason to go through the motions. I’ve said what I believe about this. I no longer have a reason to try to pump people up. I’m not pumped up. No one even sends crypto anymore. I’m only doing this website for myself and for God. I’ve spent my life fighting these Jews, and I’ve given my life to this fight, and it’s resulted in absolutely nothing because no one cares because everyone is resigned to their petty addictions and fears.

I really don’t think that you people understand how bad things actually are.

I will document the end of this empire. Teen girls getting their tits chopped off, people going to prison for memes, Americans being fat, gay retards and doing nothing about it. Russia and China rising to fill the gap left on the world stage as America goes flaccid.

By the grace of God, I will be able to witness the end and a New Order rising from the ashes.

I’m working on a romance novel. I’m going to try to do some other fun stuff like that. I think King Solomon was so right when he said that all you have are the good times between the miserable and the banal, and you should focus on the good times. I enjoy my writing, even if it doesn’t ever lead to meaningful change.

But I’m not going to get all hot and bothered by this Trump situation like everyone else is. Trump can’t even get hot and bothered. This nigga is up there slouching and looking he’s about to fall asleep or puke or both.

It’s a shame that Donald Trump isn’t higher energy and more fun. But it doesn’t make any difference in the end, really. You want the best thing that can happen to happen, and I don’t see a better option (unless Ye is serious, in which case I’m totally behind that and I don’t even care about Trump).

I agree with Nick more than I agree with everyone else. And his exuberance here is just more proof that he is the one who should be sitting on the throne in Washington.

Trump is something fun and interesting. Or he was until January 6. Now he’s just hanging out with Marjorie Taylor Greene, a stupid bitch who says that Nelson Mandela is like Jesus. But this is not going anywhere. Even if it goes somewhere in the primaries, it’s not going anywhere in the general election. When he “loses” again, he’ll probably send everyone back to the Capitol and then abandon them again.

If you want to do something that is actually positive and meaningful, then get involved with Nick, because whatever happens, he’s going to be king some day.

Hopefully by that point he will be a cyborg with like, a robot arm and a red glowing eye and like, a sick pilgrim-style gothic hat with a buckle on it, and he walks with a limp and when he walks you can hear like, a mechanical grinding sound.