Maryland: Black Teacher Arrested for Making AI-Generated Recording of Principal Making “Antisemitic” Statements

To be clear, these people cannot figure out if a recording is AI based on the recording itself. They have to do an investigation, and figure out if someone produced it.

In future cases, however, people are going to say the recording is AI, and no one is really going to be able to prove it either way.

Therefore, I recommend people say as many antisemitic things as possible, even if they think they are being recorded, as they can just blame it on AI and no one can prove otherwise.

What is also interesting about this case is that everyone knows if you want to destroy someone, you fake that they made antisemitic statements. Notice that even though the guy who did this is black, he didn’t make a recording of the principal saying “nigger.”

NBC News:

A Maryland high school teacher was arrested after he used artificial intelligence to create phony audio, planting racist and antisemitic words into the voice of his boss, officials alleged Thursday.

Dazhon Darien, a physical education teacher and the athletic director at Pikesville High School, was accused of falsifying the voice of principal Eric Eiswert in January, authorities said.

“We now have conclusive evidence that the recording was not authentic,” Baltimore County Police Chief Robert McCullough told reporters in Towson. “It’s been determined the recording was generated through the use of artificial intelligence technology.”

Darien was charged with disrupting school activities and other counts.

Eric Eiswert (left), Dazhon Darien (right)

“As you could imagine, this has been a very difficult time for [the] Pikesville High School community, principal Eiswert and his family,” Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Myriam Rogers said.

A judge signed on Wednesday afternoon an arrest warrant for Darien, who was caught Thursday morning at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

He was trying to flee the scene on an airplane?

Is this that serious of a crime?

Darien was scheduled to fly to Houston when security questioned whether he had properly packed his gun for travel, McCullough said.

Darien’s name was run through police records, and the warrant showed up, leading to his arrest, McCullough added.

McCullough stopped short of saying whether Darien was seeking to flee.

Darien was also charged with theft, retaliation against a witness and stalking.

Yeah, I guess that’s a series of charges which could lead to some jail time.

He and Eiswert had been at odds over “work performance challenges” with Darien’s contract possibly “not being renewed next semester,” according to the arrest warrant.

McCullough said, “Through their investigation, detectives allege that Mr. Darien, who was athletic director at the high school, made the recording to retaliate against the principal, who had launched an investigation into the potential mishandling of school funds.”

Eiswert had been following up on a $1,916 payment Darien allegedly authorized for an assistant girls soccer coach, who the head coach and players said never assisted the team, police said.

Eiswert had also reprimanded Darien for terminating a coach without his approval, police said.

Eiswert was widely admonished when the viral audio seemed to capture him spewing hateful rhetoric, mocking Black and Jewish people.

The recording

The voice initially believed to have been Eiswert’s said Black students were unable to “test their way out of a paper bag,” according to the court document.

“The recording went on to make disparaging comments about Jewish individuals and two teachers … who ‘should have never been hired’ at the school,” the warrant said.

If someone faked a recording of me saying these things, I would just admit to it.

These are true statements.

Eiswert has always insisted that the recording, which was sent to Darien and two other teachers the night of Jan. 16, was fake.

The audio spread quickly on social media and “had profound repercussions,” causing “significant disruptions for the PHS staff and students,” according to the arrest warrant.

Eiswert has been on paid administrative leave since the recording went viral.


It worked very well, until the black was stupid enough to get caught.

District appointees have run the school since Eiswert’s departure, and the temporary administrators will stay on the job through the end of the school year, Rogers said.

“We will work with principal Eiswert and the Pikesville community concerning next year,” Rogers added.

Investigators linked the email, which was used to send the audio, to an internet service provider registered to Darien’s grandmother, according to the warrant.

The recovery phone number for the Google account had a 213 area code, registered to Darien, a Southern California native, police said.

Darien was shown to have used the Baltimore County Public Schools’ network to access OpenAI tools and Microsoft Bing Chat services on Dec. 18 and 19 and Jan. 15, a day before the audio clip was sent out, police said.

There you go.

Finding out it was fake had nothing to do with the recording itself.

They do not have the ability to analyze these recordings to test them for their veracity, meaning if you are not some moronic black who sends in the recording with your own email, you can get away with this.

But people won’t get away with it for long. Soon, anyone on recording is just going to be able to say “that’s fake,” and no one will be able to prove otherwise.

You can prove something is fake, but you can’t ever prove anything is not fake.