Portugal: President Says Country Must Pay Cost of Slavery and Colonialism

Oh, yeah. Let’s give even more free money to the blacks. Sure, oh yes.

Because this has worked out so well in the past to bring blacks up out of poverty. They are so very responsible with the money, that they take the handouts and turn them into real wealth through intelligent investments and hard work.

Oh, yes, friends, that’s exactly how it works.

The Guardian:

Portugal needs to “pay the costs” of slavery and other colonial-era crimes, the country’s president has said, in a rare instance of a European leader seemingly backing the need for reparations.

Portugal has long grappled with calls by campaigners to address its legacy as the European country with the longest historical involvement in the slave trade. During the span of four centuries, nearly 6 million Africans were kidnapped and forcibly transported across the Atlantic by Portuguese vessels.

Those who managed to survive the voyage were enslaved and forced to toil on plantations in the Americas, mostly in Brazil, while Portugal and its institutions profited from their labour.

The country’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said at an event with foreign journalists on Tuesday that Portugal “takes full responsibility” for the wrongs of the past and that those crimes, including colonial massacres, had “costs”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

We have to pay the costs,” he said. “Are there actions that were not punished and those responsible were not arrested? Are there goods that were looted and not returned? Let’s see how we can repair this.”

The remarks came one year after Rebelo de Sousa said Portugal should apologise and “assume responsibility” for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, though he stopped short of providing any concrete details or a full apology.

It appears that all of this “reparations” talk is just the first phase in a worldwide program to transfer white wealth to colored people, for no explainable reason other than “oh but their feelings are hurt from something that happened hundreds of years ago.”

Furthermore, it was the Jews who ran the Portuguese slave trade.

Why not make Israel pay?

And why not make the Arabs and Turks pay for invading and enslaving whites?

If this project’s underlying assumptions are true, why are they not asking these questions?