Israeli Media Says IDF had Full Knowledge of Hamas’ October 7th Plans

This is the only thing you need to know about October 7, goy. Keep your eyes on that bikini bridge. Pay no attention to the fact that this entire bullshit is fake.

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As far as I’m concerned, the insider trading that took place before October 7th made it impossible to argue that the attack was a “surprise.” The Israelis knew it was coming, they let it happen on purpose, ensuring it was as destructive as possible, in order to justify this rampage they are currently on.

In my mind, and I think in the minds of anyone else paying attention, this is a settled matter that is not open for debate.

But hey – more proof is always worth noting.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned in mid-September that Hamas was planning to invade the country and capture more than 200 hostages, Israel’s Kan broadcaster reported on Monday.

Three weeks before Hamas fighters attacked Israel on October 7, the IDF’s intelligence directorate compiled a report stating that the Palestinian militants were training for a large-scale invasion of the Jewish state, Kan has claimed, citing anonymous security sources. The document allegedly warned that dozens of Hamas commandos would take part in the raid, which would be aimed at bringing between 200 and 250 hostages back to Gaza.

Several thousand Hamas fighters carried out the actual October 7 assault, killing around 1,200 people and taking roughly 250 hostages back to Gaza.

According to Kan’s sources, Hamas members had been spotted practicing attacks on mock IDF outposts, rehearsing how to capture military and civilian hostages, and training how to handle the captives once they were detained in Gaza.

The document reportedly made its way to senior officials in the IDF’s Gaza Division, but was “completely ignored,” Kan stated.

Kan is not the first source to claim that Israel was forewarned about the October 7 attack. Within days of the assault, Egyptian intelligence officials said that they had repeatedly warned the Israeli government that Hamas was planning “something big” in the days leading up to October 7, but that these warnings were ignored in West Jerusalem.

Earlier in 2023, the IDF warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on at least four occasions that “Israel’s enemies” viewed the state as vulnerable to attack. However, the content of these warnings has never been made public, and Netanyahu claimed last month that they made no mention of any concrete plans by Hamas.

According to an Israeli source cited by American journalist Seymour Hersh last year, Netanyahu was so unconcerned with the possibility of an attack from Gaza that he ordered two thirds of the IDF troops normally stationed at Israel’s border with the enclave to provide security at an Orthodox Jewish festival in the West Bank – against the wishes of Gaza Division commanders.


None of this is new.

A lot of it was in the Al Jazeera documentary on October 7th.

(It’s very impressive if you haven’t seen it, though if you’re a regular reader of this site, it won’t tell you anything new.)

There is no debate. Israel knew. They could have prevented it. They let it happen.

So then you have to ask “why?”

Is it because they wanted to slaughter a bunch of kids in Gaza? Well, probably not, actually. I mean, they did want to do that, but this doesn’t make sense as an end goal. It’s notable that there were already significant white papers by top American and Israeli think tanks saying removing Hamas from Gaza was not actually possible without just killing everyone.

“Killing everyone” is not really a good military strategy, especially in the internet age.

It is and has always been my assertion that Israel is running a phased program which started with the assault on Gaza but is meant to escalate into a war with Lebanon and then Iran, which they force the US to become involved in. I believe that this was scripted at some point during the Trump years, when it became clear that the Iranians were not actually being dealt with by Jared Kushner’s Abraham Accords.