Highly Important Life Advice from Mystic Sam Hyde: Get Good at Something

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2019

Sam Hyde mainly appears on his Gum Road channel, where you can access his content for a highly reasonable $5 per month.

However, there are also some samples of his work on a YouTube channel. The above is an example of this.

I’m glad it’s free, as it is fantastic to have someone other than me saying this thing.

Most people on the right-wing want to just ramble about right-wing stuff. But at this point, we basically all understand all of the right-wing stuff, don’t we?

We’ve got:

  • The Jew Thing
  • The Woman Thing
  • The Race Thing

Everything fits into one of those.

So a lot of what the individual needs to be figuring out is personal stuff. People need to get right with Jesus, they need to work and they need to figure out family.

In the video, Sam explains that the number one thing that men need to be thinking about is learning a skill that will allow them to make money.

He explains that without such a skill, without having something you are really good at, you will never really be a man. And he explains, accurately, that after you hit about 30, it becomes extremely hard to learn any such skill. And if you miss that window, you can end up never developing a skill, and thus never really becoming a real man.

If you’re over 30, and you don’t have any skills, then that sucks for you. You shouldn’t give up on life or anything. But you have lost neuroplasticity, and it is going to be hard for you to ever really get good at something. I’m not going to pretend that isn’t true, because I think it is important for those under 30 to grasp the fact that they do have a window that they are working in to gain a real masculine skill, similar to the way a woman has a window she is working in to have a child.

It’s an important video that all young people need to watch and take seriously.

Knowing all of the ins and outs of right-wing politics is great. But it doesn’t really make you a man. And it doesn’t really make you special. No one should feel like knowledge of right-wing politics – “being redpilled” – makes them whole or makes them useful.

This is a trap that I have seen people fall into many times. I see people who use being redpilled on the issues to make like they’re better than people who aren’t. Being redpilled is something you can be proud of. You should be proud of it. It’s a hard journey to get to the truth of this reality mess. But this doesn’t complete you. And being able to explain the control grid of the Jews doesn’t make you a useful person.

Being educated is a part of masculinity. But the defining factor of masculinity is work.

Even if you come from a rich family and you don’t need to work to make money, you are not ever really a man unless you have a skill. Something you are really, really good at, where anyone can look at you doing it and say “that guy is really, really good at doing that thing.”

Really, you should start planning your life as a teenager. Lay out a path to get yourself good at something and get financially stable. That is what you should be doing as a teenager and in your early twenties: getting good at whatever the thing is.

And probably: this isn’t going to be a creative thing.

There is a romanticism in youth, where you want to be some kind of creative genius. And some people never grow out of it. Probably, this is largely created by the Jewish media, which celebrates artistry and fake artistry beyond where it should be.

You can graduate with a humanities degree, and still not be a person with a marketable skill, still not be good at anything at all. In fact, most people who do graduate with humanities degrees are not good at anything at all. This is why they end up working at coffee shops. If they had a skill, they would be doing something other than working at coffee shops. Humanities degrees are basically a Jewish hoax, designed to get people to spend tens of thousands of dollars and the formative years of their lives doing something other than learning a skill.

Most likely, you are not going to ever be:

  • A successful novelist or any kind of creative writer
  • A successful musician
  • A film director
  • A right-wing pundit

I hate to be the one to have to tell you that, if you are still stuck in romantic thoughts, but it is simply the truth.

If you do dream of being a creative, what I will tell you is this: learn something else first. Go to a trade school and learn to weld or restore historical wood moulding or repair airplanes or something along those lines. Then, from there, when you have that solid grounding as a man capable of doing real work, you can begin considering some kind of creative pursuit.

And before “oh you’re one to talk, Anglin, what with your creative pursuits.”

Well, I was lucky. I always wanted to write as a kid, and from the time I could write, I filled up notebooks full of words. Then I started writing on the internet. And I got very, very good at it.

If I was not doing creative writing, I could be hired professionally to write technical manuals or whatever else.

But I wouldn’t do that.

Because I have another marketable skill: I could be making $75 an hour – starting – as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Probably, I could end up working in Hollywood and making a lot more than $75 an hour as a celebrity fitness instructor and diet advisor. I’m really, really good at that.

In the video, Sam says that a good place to start if your life is completely messed up is with weight-lifting. And I concur with this. This is something that you can get good at if you want to get good at it within six months. And you can get really, really good at it in a year. Maybe at some point, you’ll be at my level, though that is highly unlikely.

But in getting good at weight-lifting, you’re going to increase the quality of your life, while learning to be good at something. And from there, you’ll understand how it works to learn to get good at something, and you’ll be able to get good at something else.

In the Future

I’m going to start writing more stuff like this in 2020.

As I said above, I feel like we all pretty much get the right-wing stuff, and it’s better for us here to study:

  • Christianity
  • Self-help
  • Health and fitness

Of course, I am still going to write the news. But for my longer pieces, I’m going to try to put more of a focus on things young men should be doing to better themselves.