The Jews Apparently Bombed Iran. Iran Says It’s Not a Big Deal and Maybe Didn’t Happen at All. [UPDATE: Hoax Confirmed]


I’ve looked into this a bit more and more information has come out and I can say with confidence it’s a total hoax. The Western media going insane over it is the hoax. It looks like there were just a few drones that got shot down, maybe some kind of fire, but there was no significant attack on Iran.

What Iran is saying about how it could have come from inside the country, from some ISIS types, is quite possible.

Apparently, Israel wanted to look like they were doing something in response to the Iran missile attack, but they also didn’t want to escalate. Israel functions on this idea of “escalation superiority,” the idea that their security is based on the premise that they can always escalate. (They are attempting to demonstrate that in Gaza, but after seven months they’ve still not destroyed Hamas.) It’s interesting that they are not escalating, and instead doing a fake attack where nothing actually happens and the media just says it did.

I don’t think they’re afraid and I don’t think Joe Biden convinced them to stand down. I also don’t think this story going around about how the US will support an attack on Rafah if Israel stops attacking Iran is true. The US was going to support that anyway.

Probably, what is most likely, is that Israel has a roadmap for the war with Iran that they are following that involves neutralizing Hezbollah in Lebanon in some way before forcing the US into a war with Iran. Hezbollah is not a small problem for them.

So why did they bomb the consulate in Syria if they weren’t ready to escalate? Presumably to test Iran. On some level, I think it was also yet another signal to all the dumb goyim that they don’t respect any rule, and will murder whoever they want, whenever they want, violate international law flagrantly, and constantly claim self-defense (crying out as they strike you). But they knew Iran would respond, so it makes sense they would be trying to see what they have.

The other possibility is that they knew what Iran had, and wanted the world to see it so they can whine about the threat they’re facing. Iran can hit inside their borders, Iran can waste billions in missile defense with cheap drones.

What is certain is this: Israel let October 7th happen with the end goal of getting the US into a war with Iran.

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The media said Joe Brandon and that British guy who has sexual intercourse with pigs had deescalated the situation.

However, Jews apparently just bombed Iran.

It’s unclear right now if this was a serious attack or just a face-saving measure by the Jews so they could say they did something. Iranians don’t seem to want to even say Jews did it.


Israel carried out a series of strikes on Iran in the early hours of Friday, multiple news outlets have reported. The news comes less than a week after the Islamic Republic fired a barrage of drones and missiles at Israel.

Iranian news agency Mehr reported that several explosions were heard around 4 am local time in the skies over the central city of Isfahan.

IRNA news agency said that air defenses have been activated in several parts of Iran, and that Israel also struck military airfields and a radar site in Syria and Iraq.

Hossein Dalirian, spokesman for Iran’s civilian space program, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that several drones had been shot down over the city of Isfahan. Iranian TV later said that three drones had been destroyed over the city.

According to Al Jazeera, Iran has suspended flights at several airports, including Tehran and Isfahan.

CNN cited an unnamed US official as saying that nuclear sites were not targeted.

The Israeli army told AFP: “we don’t have a comment at this time” when asked about reports of strikes in Iran and Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office refused to confirm to the Times of Israel that Israel was responsible for the explosions heard in Isfahan.

There is a nuclear facility there, but everyone is saying the facility was definitely not hit. Israel had previously claimed they would hit nuclear facilities if Iran launched drones at them.

The Syrian Defense Ministry has confirmed the Israeli strike, saying that it occurred at around 3am local time and targeted air defense installations in the south of the country.

Reports of the explosions came hours after Iran’s Foreign Minister Houssein Amir-Abdollahian told CNN that Iran’s response would be “immediate and at a maximum level,” if Israel takes any further military action against his country.

“If the Israeli regime commits the grave error once again our response will be decisive, definitive and regretful for them,” he stated, explaining that warning was sent to the White House via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran.

Some of the media is trying to frame this as “Israel strikes back.”

In fact, the Jews bombed the Iranian consulate in Syria, and Iran was the one striking back when they attacked Israel.

Regardless: these countries are now bombing each other.

Iran Downplaying This

Although nothing is clear yet as we’re still in the “fog of war,” the Western media is making a bigger deal out of this than the Iranians, who are insisting nothing of consequence happened.

This might be because they’re not ready to respond with the aggressiveness they have said they would respond with, or it may actually be true that the Jews just did a weak thing with some drones that didn’t really do much damage. The Iranian president gave a speech today and didn’t mention the attacks.

It doesn’t matter.

Israel allowed the October 7th Hamas attack because they wanted to start a war between America and Iran, and they’re going to do exactly that. The Jews have already said that after Rafah, they’re going to attack Lebanon, and Iran will have to respond to that. All of this is about forcing the US into a war with Iran, and there is no way to stop the Israelis from doing that.

“At War”

When countries are bombing each other, typically we refer to those countries as being “at war.”

Israel and Iran are clearly “at war.” Unfortunately for many, Israel being “at war” with anyone means that the United States of America (also known as “Big Poppa Jew” and “Israel 2”) is also “at war” with whoever that might be. This means: the US is already at war with Iran.

Like the war in the Ukraine, this was a long time coming. Who said “a slow train coming”?

It was the Dead, right?

Oh jeez, was it Robert Zimmerman?

Man, I hate that Jew. To be fair, that album was recorded during a period when he was claiming to have converted to Christianity (he quickly reverted back to Judaism when the album got poor reviews).

The point is: I constantly think of this phrase in my head when thinking about world events. Everything is obvious to anyone who can understand simple things. Events have been laid out before us. Actions have consequences. The things that are happening have been building up for a long time, and there is nothing that can happen but these events.

There will be an American blowout. There is nothing else that can happen. There are very serious design flaws in the system. It is only designed for war and global financial exploitation, and this is not something that is sustainable – unless you are able to prevent everyone else in the world from questioning you, which in itself is not sustainable, because people start feeling like they have nothing to lose.

There was some question as to where the war would be. The Biden Administration started a war with Russia, and is constantly threatening war against the Chinese, while consistently trying to provoke them. But the Israelis had their own plans, and decided to open up this Middle East front for the last hurrah of the Anal Empire.

It’s best this way. Russia and China will support Iran. The Moslems are the most devoted fighters. When Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz, gasoline is going to cost a whole lot of money, which is going to lead to a lot of rage in the United States, where the people don’t quite exactly understand the “special relationship” with Israel.

Someone is going to have to understand this special relationship, someone is going to have to understand this Jewish problem, or everyone on earth is going to die.