“No Cow” Vegan Protein Bars Contain Lead and Penis-Shrinking Chemicals, Lawsuit Alleges

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Save cows, shrink your penis, pollute the water supply with chemicals we don’t even know how to remove – it’s a win-win for the discerning “environmentalist.”

I know environmentalists are widely considered to be brainless stooges, who are just ultra-susceptible to government/media propaganda. I think that’s more or less entirely accurate. But if you were to try to look at them as rational actors, you would find that they are obsessed with destroying the environment by poisoning it in as many ways as they can.

The Guardian:

A wide range of No Cow protein bars are contaminated with lead and toxic “forever chemicals”, recent filings with the California department of justice charges.

The filings, made by the Environmental Research Center (ERC), a San Diego-based consumer protection non-profit, states that its testing found PFOA, a dangerous PFAS compound, and lead in eight flavors of No Cow bars.

The filings allege that No Cow is violating California’s Proposition 65 law, which, among other provisions, requires companies to alert consumers when toxic chemicals are used in goods.

No Cow has been in violation of the law since the company introduced the bars in 2021, the filing claims, and will remain so “until clear and reasonable warnings are provided to product purchasers and users or until this known toxic chemical is either removed from or reduced to allowable levels in the products”.

The filings do not provide lead and PFOA levels, but the Environmental Protection Agency states that virtually no level of exposure to either substance in drinking water is safe, while no level of exposure to lead through any route is safe.

This is the same thing with those sickening new paper straws containing much worse chemicals (PFAS) than the old polypropylene plastic straws.

Furthermore, how does not eating cows save cows?

If you stopped the beef industry, the cows would not even be born.

Would you rather be born and live a happy life on the range and then, as you age out, be killed and eaten to help a superior species survive? Or would you rather not be born at all?

That just reminded me of that Twilight Zone episode where the aliens came, ostensibly to help humanity, and they had a book called “To Serve Man,” which everyone assumed was about helping mankind.

The dark twist at the end was…

It didn’t really make sense that “serve” would be a homonym in an alien language, but still – great stuff.

There was a lot of great stuff in the Twilight Zone, even it if was largely communist Jew propaganda.

The show’s creator, who contributed writing to many of the episodes, was a communist Jew, so you got a lot of “racism is evil” stuff alongside stuff that was just fun like “To Serve Man… It’s a Cookbook!”

At least he was masculine and creative.

Be sure to drop us a comment on whether you think the good episodes of the Twilight Zone outweigh the commie Jew ones. And remember to smash that subscribe button and ring my bells if you want more completely irrelevant commentary on 1950s television shows.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.