Hondurans Rush Across Mexican Border, Busted Up by Cops

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

I remain eternally pessimistic that any plan to stop migrant caravans by leaning on the Mexican government will succeed. Mexico is run by a hostile Jew/Castizo elite that intentionally floods the United States with human refuse while they themselves make off like bandits. They know that the president’s hands are tied because there is no political will to get serious with Mexico and secure the border. Any promises they make to keep central Americans from rushing us cannot be trusted.


Hundreds of Central American migrants crossed the river into Mexico from Guatemala Thursday after a days long standoff with security forces.

Carrying U.S. and Honduran flags at the head of the procession, they walked along a highway toward a waiting contingent of dozens of national guardsmen with riot shields and body armor and vans from the National Immigration Institute.

Jose Luis Morales, a Salvadoran leader of the caravan, said the migrants want to negotiate to be allowed to pass peacefully.

But Mexico has cracked down on the large caravans seen previously following intense pressure from Washington last year.

Thursday’s movement was a resurgence of a migrant caravan that had been diminishing since its last concerted attempt to cross the border Monday was turned back by Mexican National Guardsmen posted along Suchiate river, which forms the border here. 

There is a debate here whether Mexico will allow the migrant caravan to pass through and continue north to the wallless United States border. Mexico has been paid off by Trump’s people to not allow anymore migrant caravans, but the Mexican government has every incentive in the world to just break their agreement because Trump can only offer carrots, not sticks when he’s making deals with them.

And it’s not like it’s even Trump doing the dealin’. Last I checked, Jewish saboteur Jared Kushner was in charge of the border now.

Do you think that the situation is under control now – smooth sailing from here on out that that the situation is under Jared’s watchful gaze?

I doubt it.

I do really wish that Trump would just build that wall. If he’s having trouble with private property owners not wanting to allow building on their property, then just invade 10 miles into Mexico and build a wall there with the Engineers Corps. The US has absolutely no problem completely flaunting international law and doing whatever it pleases when it comes to fulfilling the Jews’ agenda, but when it comes to securing the border, suddenly we remember that we’re a nation of pointless laws and endless red tape.

It is truly remarkable to see the levels of cope, specifically QAnon MAGApede cope that people have on this issue. Everything only becomes clear when you realize that we live under an occupation government run by Jews that hates us and wants to destroy White America.