Hong Kong Hanging by a Thread! Rioters Setting Fire to Errthang!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Hong Kong doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of quieting down. In fact, we’ve entered the “burn everything down” stage.

This is not looking good for whoever is in charge of keeping control of the situation. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.


Protests in Hong Kong have reached new heights of violence, with bomb-throwing rioters seizing control of university campuses and pushing out police while authorities admit that the riot-ravaged city hangs by a thread.

Demonstrators armed to the teeth with molotov cocktails, javelins, and (in one case, at least) a chainsaw have seized control of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), pushing riot police off the campus on Tuesday night and leaving a shocking amount of destruction in their wake. 

Yeah, it looks intense.

This is not even anything resembling a protest anymore. It’s another Maidan-type scenario that we have unfolding right before our eyes.

This is chaos. This is the belly of the dragon. You gotta clean up your room and do something because the situation is totally out of control.

Videos and photos posted to social media show the rioters fortifying their position with barricades and setting “huge” fires on the campus. Classes were unsurprisingly canceled at CUHK and other universities around the city, some of which also played host to clashes between the demonstrators – still dubbed ‘pro-democracy activists’ in the media despite the increasing levels of violence on display – and police. On at least one campus, rioters stole sporting equipment including javelins and shot puts and weaponized them.

I don’t think there’s any video of these nerds spearing police with giant javelins a football field away, so that’s probably a stretch.

But it’s not just the university being attacked. The metros are being targeted as well – which should play over well with the average commuter.

So what else is there to say at this point?

These rioters are raising the stakes – they’re refusing to negotiate with the Hong Kong government, and it is clear what their game is at this point: a color revolution overthrow of the government. 

Remember: this is being funded by the CIA.

People are saying that Beijing’s hands are tied and that there is nothing to be done – which, okay, that may be so, but that means this is up to Hong Kong to resolve on its own going forward. I would also assume that they would want to resolve the situation before more people get their faces burned off or before they lose control of certain sections of the city and have to deal with mounting damage costs.

This is the price of human rights!

As things get worse for residents of the city because of the protests, that same anger will be directed at the government for not dealing with the situation correctly. The longer this farce drags on, the more trouble the government is going to find itself in.  

If nothing else, I would like to see a government thwart a color revolution – just once!

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been one government out there that could handle a few thousand Globo-Homo shock troops throwing rocks like cavemen at police before losing control of the situation. It’s a sobering realization to realize that Globo-Homo is good at what it does – or at least, its victims seem completely defenseless against their tactics.

So yeah, things aren’t looking well for Hong Kong. They’re going to have a full-blown Maidan on their hands in no time!