Hong Kong: Man with 84 IQ May be Incapable of Understanding the Double-Murder He Committed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2015

Tse Chun-kei arrives at court with his head down.
Tse Chun-kei arrives at court with his head down.

The average IQ of China is 100. So, yes, a man with an IQ of84 could be considered retarded in China.

South China Morning Post:

A man accused of teaming up with a friend to kill and dismember the friend’s parents might not have been intelligent enough to plot the sophisticated crime, the Court of First Instance heard yesterday.

Tse Chun-kei, 38, took an IQ test after his arrest last year and had received a low score of just 84, a clinical psychologist who worked with the defendant told the court.

Tse and co-defendant Henry Chau, 31, each deny two counts of murder. They are alleged to have killed Chau’s father Chau Wing-ki, 65, and mother Siu Yuet-yee, 63, on March 1, 2013. The couple’s bodies were chopped into pieces with their heads stored in two refrigerators and other body parts in plastic boxes inside Tse’s flat in Tai Kok Tsui.

Clinical psychologist Eddie Li Kam-wah said the low IQ score indicated below-average intelligence, adding that the defendant’s general comprehension had been weak during his time working with him.

Li said the couple’s murder had involved detailed preparation and consideration of a lot of different circumstances. Such planning was “beyond [Tse’s] intellectual ability”, the psychologist told the court.

Li said he met Tse about seven times last year and found that Tse did not have any kind of psychotic illness. Despite the defendant’s low intelligence, Li found that Tse could easily cope with people and build relationships.

He told the court that Tse had always been bullied at school and had been let down in the various jobs he took, but harboured no resentment towards anyone else; he tended to take a positive view of other people.

“I could not find any evidence or history of aggression or hostility from him … and he did not use any behaviour to hit back,” Li said.

Prosecutor Michael Arthur said it was the prosecution case that Tse’s role in the murder was limited to buying items such as a refrigerator and knives with which to carry out the plan. He asked the psychologist whether such tasks were beyond Tse.

Li said Tse had the ability to purchase such items, but may not have understood the reasons for buying them. He said plotting, for example, to lure the murdered couple to the flat would be beyond Tse’s ability.

The interesting thing to note about this story is that this man’s IQ is higher than the average of many countries, and about the same as the average American Black.

This begs the question: can any African or low-IQ Latino really be held responsible for his behavior by the standards of higher IQ societies?

I think probably they cannot. They really are completely incapable of understanding our conceptions of justice and morality.

The obvious solution to this problem is to not have them in our countries, to allow them to have their own systems in their own lands.  This integration thing doesn’t work for either party.