NASA Still Trying to Find Voyager 2 After Sending Wrong Command and Losing Contact

These retarded assholes can’t even keep track of their own space ships, and that cum-guzzler Musk is telling us we’re going to live in space.

He wants to rename “Mars” as “L,” by the way.

He should be sued.

The Guardian:

Nasa is listening for any peep from Voyager 2 after it lost contact with the spacecraft billions of miles away.

Hurtling ever deeper into interstellar space, Voyager 2 has been out of touch ever since flight controllers accidentally sent a wrong command more than a week ago that tilted its antenna away from Earth. The spacecraft’s antenna shifted a mere 2%, but it was enough to cut communications.

Although it’s considered a long shot, Nasa said on Monday that its huge dish antenna in Canberra was on the lookout for any stray signals from Voyager 2, which is more than 12bn miles (19bn km) away. It takes more than 18 hours for a signal to reach Earth from so far away.

In the coming week, the Canberra antenna – part of Nasa’s Deep Space Network – will also bombard Voyager 2’s vicinity with the correct command, in the hope that it hits its mark, according to Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages the Voyager missions.

I’m sure aliens interfered.

What other explanation is there?