Hong Kong Terrorists Unveil “China Nazi” Flag

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

The State Department shills rioting in Hong Kong are now saying that the Chinese Communist Party are the real Nazis. They unveiled a flag during their riots Saturday, showing the Chinese flag transformed into a swastika.

How very edgy.

Of course, the Chinese do not have this “evil Nazi” propaganda as a part of their culture, and in fact enjoy the aesthetics of Nazism and the swastika. This flag was presented purely as a way to try to gain more support from the West for their attempts to start a war in China. And of course, it had an English hashtag reading “#Chinazi.”

This is all so very fake and gay.

The traitorous rebels of Hong Kong rioted extensively this weekend, throwing firebombs at the police all across the city. The cops responded by hosing them down with blue dye. Which is kinda funny.

Some interesting graffiti has appeared, reading “capitalism is shit, China is capitalist” in English and featuring the Antifa “A,” making it even more confusing exactly what the point of these protests are and what it is that they want.

Of course, all of this is simply designed to get Westerners to support this violent revolution, as they are attempting to foment a war inside of China, as they have done with so many other countries.

So posting Pepe memes and pretending to be far-right while also posting pro-communist, antifa art makes sense in the context of “just throw everything out there and see what works.”

But yes, they are antifa, primarily. That is the best way to classify them, if we are going to compare them to anything in the West, because they are violent rioters in masks trying to overthrow the established order and push for some kind of utopian society.

And they really, really like fire.

The cops need to up their game and start killing these people, because otherwise, this is going to spin out of control.

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The State Department’s goal is to use these riots to spark riots in other parts of China, and ultimately cause the country to spin into chaos, at which point they will push regime change.

Hopefully, we can get the truth out there.

These revolutionary riots are no different than the Arab Spring, the coup in the Ukraine, and the recent attempts to start revolutions in Venezuela and Iran. And yet somehow, people who claim to be opposed to US military intervention around the world – such as the sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson – are traveling to Hong Kong in order to incite violent revolution.