House Rushes Through Insane “Working Definition of Antisemitism” Bill That Says “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism”

That four-eyed cocksucker Mike Johnson refused to explain whether or not there is any form of protest against Israel that is not “antisemitism.” He wouldn’t say with a straight face, in his interview with Erin Burnett, that it’s his belief that all opposition to Israeli policy is “antisemitism.”

Now, he’s gone ahead and rushed through a bill making it into law that any and all criticism of Israel is “antisemitism,” which is apparently now illegal in America.

The Guardian:

The US House of Representatives has voted to pass an antisemitism awareness bill, a controversial measure sponsored by a New York Republican amid controversy over pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses in Manhattan and across the US, as Israel’s war with Hamas drags on.

The bill passed 320-91 with some bipartisan support.

Mike Lawler’s bill will “provide for the consideration of a definition of antisemitism set forth by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance for the enforcement of federal anti-discrimination laws concerning education programs or activities, and for other purposes”.

These Jews have been pushing the IHRA definition for years, and it’s been ruled illegal in the United States.

It basically goes through and says that any form of criticism of any action by any Jew is a hate crime. This is, of course, how the term has been used by Jews since forever.

Remember when they said that criticizing anything George Soros does is antisemitic?

The entire concept of “antisemitism” is a hoax. No one in history has ever hated the Jews for no reason. The reason people dislike or criticize Jews is always a result of Jewish behavior.

The IHRA definition basically just admits that, while vaguely claiming that people don’t really disagree with Jewish behavior, they just claim to disagree with Jewish behavior because they hate Jews for no reason.

That is what all of these Jews and government officials are saying right now: no one is actually opposed to the genocide in Gaza, they just claim to be opposed to it because they hate Jews for no reason. That’s real. That’s actually what they’re saying.

Democrats opposed it as a messaging bill meant simply to boost Republicans on a hot-button issue and trap Democrats into taking politically awkward votes.

The American Civil Liberties Union opposed the bill, telling members: “Federal law already prohibits antisemitic discrimination and harassment by federally funded entities.

“[The bill] is therefore not needed to protect against antisemitic discrimination; instead, it would likely chill free speech of students on college campuses by incorrectly equating criticism of the Israeli government with antisemitism.”

Well, at least there are some Jews who see the way this is going to spiral out of control and lead to mass pogroms.

The Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), which “works to ensure a just, secure and peaceful future for Palestinians and Israelis”, has defined the shifting meaning of “antisemitism” in US political discourse.

“Traditionally,” the FMEP says, “‘antisemitism’ has meant hostility and prejudice toward Jews because they are Jews – a scourge that has imperiled Jews throughout history, and is a source of resurgent threats to Jews today.

In recent years there has been an energetic effort to redefine the term to mean something else. This new definition – known today as the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s ‘working definition of antisemitism’, is explicitly politicised, refocusing the term to encompass not only hatred of Jews, but also hostility toward and criticism of the modern state of Israel.”

Why would anyone be against Jews “because they are Jews”?

It doesn’t make any sense.

I’m supposed to be the arch antisemite, and yet I have no issue with Norman Finkelstein or Glenn Greenwald (actually, with the latter I take issue with him being gay).

No one, ever, at any point in all of history, has been opposed to Jews “because they are Jews.” That has never happened, ever. All opposition to Jews has been the result of Jewish behavior. Period. Zero exception.

“Antisemitism” is a gigantic scam, designed to allow the Jews to claim victimhood when people respond to their heinous behavior with outrage.

To be clear, this doesn’t make my website illegal – although that is presumably coming soon.

What this bill is designed to do is cut federal funding to any university that allows students to protest against the Israeli military actions.

This is very, very extreme. It is actually nonviable. There is no amount of force that can stop these protests. People are very angry about this ongoing massacre.

Bibi is saying that he’s going into Rafah soon, which will more than double the civilian casualties. He’s also saying he’s planning to invade Lebanon. As you know, this is all about escalating to a US war with Iran – that’s the reason Bibi let October 7th happen in the first place.

The idea that the government can use force to shut down protests to all of this is simply insane. It’s possible that Israel didn’t foresee this kind of a backlash in the US. I don’t know. This is all very sloppy. If I wanted the protests to escalate, this is what I would have done. But the Jews and the US government feel that they are invincible, that they can force anything on anyone, and that is the working assumption for every action they take.

It’s not going to work.