Houthis Claim They Hit American Warship in the Gulf of Aden

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Gee, the US sure is getting attacked a lot.

Maybe people don’t like being ruled over by sickening anal-Jewish psychopaths who murder children?


Houthi militants fired a missile at a US warship in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, a spokesman for the Yemen-based group has claimed. He described the incident as the latest response to American “aggression” in the region.

The attack, targeting the USS Lewis B. Puller expeditionary mobile base vessel, took place on Sunday evening, Yahya Saree said in a Telegram post in the aftermath of the alleged incident. The spokesman did not specify if the missile had hit the vessel.

The warship in question was providing logistical support to US forces participating in “the aggression” against Yemen, and was targeted as part of Houthi measures to protect the country, Saree stated.

The militant group will continue to strike commercial ships in the region until Israel ends its attacks on Gaza and the blockade of the Palestinian enclave is lifted, the spokesman added.

The US military has yet to officially comment on the alleged attack. However, an unnamed American defense official told the AP there have been no reports of the USS Lewis B. Puller being targeted.

No reports, huh?

Well, now there are dead Americans in Jordan, and the public is aware, so the White House and State Department can’t just keep downplaying the fact that they are getting wrecked all over the place.

Presumably, they are going to start bombing Iran.

At least, that’s what they’re saying.

The Biden kikesuckers are saying it.

The GOP kikesuckers are saying it.

No one can explain why the US has warships off the coast of Yemen, or bases in Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.

As far as I’m aware, the overwhelming US presence in the region somehow related to the Holocaust, which, to my understanding, involved a pile of shoes.

I guess it makes sense if you think about it.