Belgium Summons Israeli Ambassador After Jews Bomb Belgian Agency Building in Gaza

Belgium isn’t going to do shit.

It was left to South Africa to make the genocide charges. If Belgium would have done that, it would have carried a lot more weight, frankly.


Belgium on Friday summoned the Israeli ambassador after a Belgian development agency building in Gaza City was bombed, and said it planned to raise the issue of compensation.

The Belgian Ministry for Development Cooperation said it was not aware of any civilian casualties and that the building, which was shared with Handicap International, should have been empty at the time of the bombing. A ministry said the Israeli ambassador had promised an investigation.

In a statement, the foreign ministry added: “Belgium will put the issue of compensation for the damaged infrastructure of projects financed by the EU and its Member States back on the agenda of a next European consultation.”

The Jews will just refuse to pay, and no one has the ability to make them. They have infinity money and infinity support from the US, so they are not subjected to global systems.

The whole UN and EU and “international community” gibberish is all nonsense in the face of the fact that the US has the guns and the bombs and the aircraft carriers and the US will make you shut up if they want you to shut up.

This is all on display right now: the UN, the EU, any of these other bodies, they have no actual power. Whatever power they exercise they do with the blessing of the bossmen in Washington, DC. In fact, that is the reason these organizations exist: all of these groups are front groups for the power center in Washington.

It’s a network of intelligence agencies that run all of this.