How About Don’t Get So Fat in the First Place??

Nigga be like… yikes.

Everyone is making noise about the above before and after, like losing weight is a bad thing.

Americans are such fat retards. Maybe don’t get so fat?


Weight-loss stories usually come with triumphant before-and-after photos, but Cole Prochaska says sharing his picture was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done.

He lost 360 pounds, but struggled with the excess skin left over from his transformation and was extremely self-conscious about the aftermath.

“But then I thought, I’ve got to show people where I’m at,” Prochaska, 39, tells

“It’s really helped because it’s like, well, everyone in the world has seen it. So what’s the big deal?”

Indeed, millions of people saw Prochaska’s photos after his story was published on in June.

Afterwards, he says strangers recognized him and would come up to him to mention the article. “It’s pretty crazy,” Prochaska notes.

People from around the world follow him on social media, including many from Brazil, he’s noticed.

Yes, it’s very gross.

I agree.

Maybe he shouldn’t have gotten so fat?