Alex Jones Interviews Brother Nathanael Kapner, Deletes Interview

This week, Alex Jones interviewed former Jew Brother Nathanael Kapner, an Orthodox Christian, and after being once again humiliated on the Jew issue, deleted the interview from his website, Banned.Video.

Alex be like: “Banned.Video – where I ban my own videos.”

The full video (worth watching) is above, and here are some of the better clips.

I am accused of having shit-talked Brother Kapner in the past. I probably did early on. But now, he’s been doing this for 15 years, and he deserves big respect.

He is always on it.

Here he is talking about Hitler.

It’s hard to trust a Jew convert to Christianity, but Kapner is legit. As far as I can tell. I can’t see any other reason he would do this so aggressively for so long.

Further: though I don’t really respect Alex Jones, I do appreciate that he is allowing people who are against the Jews on his show.

The fact that Jones is now interviewing antisemites shows which ways the winds are blowing.

Everyone is talking about the Jews now.

All of my dreams are coming true.