I Didn’t Watch Dumb Theoretical Fake Second Republican Debate

This nigga said “Donald Duck.” Because it’s the same first name. It’s a Hillary Clinton joke. The joke is, Donald Trump and Donald Duck both have the same first name and also Trump is “ducking” the debate. Get it? (I don’t get it, actually, I’m just explaining it.)

Donald Trump is the absolute and undisputed de facto nominee of the Republican Party for the 2024 election. Even if every opposing candidate combined to form some Voltron-like creature, that creature would not stand a chance at beating Donald Trump.


The most hotly-contested issue among viewers of the debate was whether or not they would smash the uppity milf Dominican questioner.

The audience was split 60/40 with the “nos” winning out. Ironically, to coin a phrase, discussion was focused on her uncovered vitiligo, with nearly half of the “no” votes claiming that they would be interested if “that spot got bigger and covered her entire dark face.”

“Yes” voters noted the appeal of her “donkey lips,” but seemed in agreement that she should cover the vitiligo, with one voter saying “yes, I’d hit that, but I’d put a piece of duct tape over that gross spot.” That commenter got 6,200 upvotes.

Bizarrely, none of the candidate commented on the issue of dark-skinned women ceasing to cover their vitiligo in public.

These debates are totally pointless and bizarre. If there was one candidate with 40% to Trump’s 60%, I could see pushing for a debate. But this is the board:

The debates are a national humiliation. It again just points to the fact that this is a joke country.

Here’s the full debate:

(I actually can’t find this anywhere I can embed it. This is the official Fox link. I can’t get it to work. But you’re not missing anything.)

Here’s some Paki wench doing highlights (and also admitting the whole thing is pointless and weird):

Ridiculously, Red Ronny (communistic, anti-freedom) is continuing to publicly try to frame this as a “two-man race,” even as his numbers continue to dip into the void. If you have five Republicans in a room, less than 1 of them supports Ronny.

Ronny didn’t speak for the first 15 minutes of this debate, because his team is a bunch of retards and he has no instincts. No traction. He couldn’t win even if Donald Trump got sucked into a black hole this afternoon.

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Trump voters would all go to Vivek if Trump disappeared. Or, at least 60% of them would, which would mean DeSantis would still be nonviable.

They rolled out the “Punjabi Punter” Nimrata Randhawa to jab at Vivek “The Ramming Swamy” Ramaswamy, and it was a disaster. This bitch said “TikTok is the greatest threat to America.”

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Meanwhile, that nasty ass “grinder granny” hoe has nearly half the points Red Ronny has.

This sucks.

My favorite highlight was from the opening when this pudgy and ratlike Jew host said “it’s about to get smelly in here” (it was an obvious reference to the two Indians – regrettably, we all understood the joke).
Also enjoyed the part where I fell in love with this Asian girl lurking in the background. tfw no lurking Asian gf. But again, I’ve only watched like, 11 minutes of clips.