I Don’t Think Saturday Night Live Will Hire Dana Carvey to Play Joe Biden

Something shockingly funny happened on the Steven Colbert Show this week when former Saturday Night Live cast member Dana Carvey appeared to give his impression of alleged president Joe Biden.

I’m not really clear on what exactly was going on here. Carvey was clearly given an impression of Biden as a senile, confused old man, and Colbert was laughing so hard he was wiping away tears.

Carvey even noted that he was doing Biden as senile, saying of his work developing the impression: “There’s a lot there if you just don’t worry about the fact that he’s 78, he gets a little bit confused sometimes, it doesn’t mean that you’re attacking him personally or, you know, but you have to acknowledge that he’s just a little bit…”

Colbert is an establishment hack fake comedian who has promoted Joe Biden and has falsely claimed that Biden isn’t senile. So why was he so amused by this performance?

Did he just genuinely find the impression funny, or is he also laughing at the situation itself – that he’s worked to put a completely senile old man into office, gotten the American people to go along with it?

Seems to me he was laughing a bit too hard there.

Interesting, interesting.

Saturday Night Live had Jim Carrey on to play Joe Biden during the election, and it was just horrible. Unbelievably bad. I wrote about it at the time, and noted that SNL didn’t upload any of it to their own YouTube channel and was calling copyright on anyone who uploaded even short clips of it – they were totally embarrassed.

Here’s a clip from some news show that managed not to get deleted for showing clips of it, just so you have an idea.

Jim Carrey’s girlfriend killed herself, and the mom complained that he was psychologically abusing the girl – when I saw him play Biden on SNL, I kept thinking that if his dead girlfriend’s mom saw it, she would say “this is worse than what he did to my daughter.” It was not an impression, it was just “Jim Carrey acts silly,” which somehow managed not to come across as nostalgic, and just felt gross – like he was trying to hide what we all saw in Joe Biden.

Dana Carvey’s impression is spot on. He’s basically been retired since the early 2000s, because he had money and wanted to raise his family in a non-showbiz environment. But he’s 65 now, his kids are all grown up, and the idea must have been going through his brain that SNL would pay him a lot of money to move to New York and do a season or two of this show.

However, there is no way they’re going to hire him to do this kind of Joe Biden. It reflects the real Joe Biden, and people laugh because we all know he’s totally senile and speaking absolute gibberish. It’s funny because it’s true, and it also won’t be allowed on SNL because it’s true.