I Doubt Anyone is Actually Going to Ban Plastics


Any form of plastics ban would be a good thing, period.

However, I do not think that any Western government is actually capable of doing anything good, ever.

As an absolute matter of fact: I believe that from here on out, every single thing that any Western government does is going to be objectively bad for white Christians – and will in fact only be good for nonwhites insofar as they are benefiting from something that hurts whites.

Thus, I’m not holding my breath on any serious regulation of plastics.


Banning the use of microplastics in products such as cosmetics and detergents across the European Union would prevent 500,000 tonnes of microplastics from polluting the environment over 20 years, the EU Chemicals Agency ECHA said on Wednesday.

The tiny bits of plastic that end up in waterways and oceans are causing growing concern among scientists about their effect on marine ecosystems.

In 2019, the Helsinki-based agency proposed that European lawmakers should ban the use of intentionally added microplastics and has now concluded its scientific and technical assessment of the ban’s socio-economic impact.

Over 20 years, “the total cost of the restriction to European society is estimated to be 10.8 or 19.1 billion euros, depending how environmental risks from the granular infill material (mainly from shredded car tyres) are addressed,” the ECHA said, referring to the soft infill used on artificial turf sports pitches.

The agency has proposed a microplastics ban on products such as cosmetics, cleaning and laundry products, fertilisers, plant protection products and seed coatings, but adding the largest single source of emissions – turf pitches – to the list implies a significantly higher total cost, it concluded.

Campaigners and some EU advisers have criticised the ECHA’s proposal for allowing companies to continue to use even smaller nanoplastic particles.

EU member states will eventually vote on the ban that could be adopted as soon as in 2021, the ECHA said.

The ideal would be to just ban plastics outright.

We might as well ban cosmetics outright as well, as they enable old sluts to look more attractive than they actually are, which amounts to a form of mass fraud.

Women are utterly repulsive creatures, if you see them in their natural form. They are monsters from the darkest swamps, the whole lot of them. This is why the male sex drive is so overwhelming – because if it was a mild drive, no one would be able to indulge it in the natural world, where women do not have makeup, and thus our species would have went extinct long ago.

People who masturbate to cartoons get a lot of crap, as well they should. But someone who masturbates to a woman with makeup on is no better – both are masturbating to a painted image, which has no connection whatsoever to the reality situation.

This is also why we didn’t have all this crazy sex stuff going on in previous ages – it was impossible for a woman over the age of 20 to fake like she was attractive before the invention of mass cosmetics. Basically, in the current year, every single woman is running around pretending to be a 16-year-old virgin in heat.

Outlawing makeup outright would be a given in any society which even pretends to care about truth or justice in any form. A woman wearing makeup has the same effect as a man doing steroids, except that a woman doesn’t have to pay the physical price that a man pays if he does steroids.

However, I have digressed.

I’m sure if they pass this ban on microplastics – which hardly even addresses the larger issue of plastics, generally – they will have some mechanism in the enforcement of it to harm normal people and benefit the government and corporations. Probably, the government will pay corporations to remove the plastics, and then there will be some caveat where they’re not actually required to remove the plastics.

Listen to me: the reason that men have become faggots, universally, is that they are exposed to estrogens in their environment. That is why they have small arms and big bellies. It’s why they support feminism and immigration. They have been targeted on a biological level to become sissies, twerps and fancy boys.

This is also in part why women have become beastly and aggressive. Although the biggest reason for that is the estrogen pills they take (“birth control”).

Look at the size of these beasts:

You need to do your best to avoid these xenoestrogens. This means primarily cutting out processed foods and processed soaps. In fact, you don’t need to use soap at all. My experiment in telling my readership to just stop using soap outright has gone swimmingly. I do not have a single person who has reported that they’ve been told they stink. Soap is made of plastic, and when you are in a hot shower, your pores open up and this plastic just fills the holes, going into your bloodstream and faggotizing you.

A big thing you can do is to avoid drinking or eating anything that is hot and in plastic (all takeaway “paper” coffee cups are made of plastic now). You can also cut out all dairy, frankly.

Along with avoiding things that decrease your testosterone, you should engage in processes which increase your testosterone.

In order to increase your testosterone, you may:

  • Engage in strength training
  • Eat more meat
  • Don’t masturbate (or have sex chronically, but I don’t think that is probably a problem for many people these days)
  • Don’t be fat
  • Sleep as much as possible (at least 8 hours a night)
  • Get sun on your skin (as much as you can without getting cancer)
  • Reduce stress in any way you can (a lot of that is mental, frankly)
  • Supplements won’t hurt (I’m not sure they’ll help either, but they won’t hurt – zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, etc.)
  • Beat up women
  • Don’t do steroids
  • Don’t smoke weed
  • Move around as much as possible (a sedentary lifestyle reduces testosterone)
  • Stay away from small children (children release chemicals that lower your testosterone, and also when you look at children, your testosterone level lowers – this is a natural process to make men want to stick around and be a dad rather than chase after other women once they have children)

There are other pieces of advice I have given and will give again.

But understand this: politics, like all of your other thoughts and feelings, are ultimately a result of chemicals in your brain. That might sound wacky. But it’s generally true. I believe in free will, but the will is influenced by all kinds of different external factors, so of course it is easily influenced by internal factors such as chemicals in your brain.

As we’ve said a million times here, studies have shown that men with lower testosterone are prone towards socialism. You have seen this in your own life, I’m sure. It’s not hard to understand why – leftist politics are naturally feminine. Women like for everyone to be told what to do by a central authority and want resources distributed by force, whereas men tend to be independent minded and value merit.

You see this in literally every single election.

Obviously, the right wing is much more intellectually grounded than the left, because intellectualism is more masculine than emotionality. However, that also means that men who are very smart but not very masculine might come to the right wing through logic. It’s possible. Though we also see that intelligent men somehow convince themselves, against logic, to support leftism, because they are little pussy bitches who want mommy to tell them what to do.

This is to say: you might be saying: “I’m right wing and not very masculine, so I don’t think this is the case.” Well, it is obviously the case on average, but if you are not very masculine and simply believe in the right-wing on an intellectual level, then if you were to become masculine, you would also be able to believe it on an instinctive level, which would make you much more powerful.

Thusly, you should become more masculine by increasing your testosterone levels.

The government has known for decades that plastics are destroying the testosterone levels of men and helping to turn women into brutes. They did a major study in 2007 showing that testosterone levels were dropping by 1% a year, and not only did they not declare this a crisis, they didn’t even mention it. They’ve never done anything about it, because they want these transformations to occur.

They’ve told you what they want men to be:

Also, note that the ban is framed in terms of how this is affecting the “environment” – not in terms of how it is affecting the humans that inhabit the environment. Thus, they are not really targeting the major vectors for poisoning people. All plastic poisons people, but if they wanted to target the main things, they would be targeting food plastic and soap plastic. They appear to be talking mainly about industrial cleaners when they say “detergents,” even whilst most products labeled “soap” (even Dove “soap”) are actually detergents, made of petrochemicals.

Again: the government is never going to do a single thing good for anyone. We’d do best to just ignore it outright, or oppose it. Trying to convince it to do anything is a complete and total waste of time.