Immigration Now Voter’s Top Concern, According to Poll

It’s the number one issue in America, but the government has said we have no way to even complain about it, or we will be banned from the entire internet.

This is democracy: it’s about having things forced on you against your will by the government.

New York Post:

Immigration has surged past inflation as the top issue facing the nation, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released Monday.

The survey found that 35% of registered voters now rank immigration as the country’s No. 1 concern, jumping 7 points since last month.


It was all fun and games when it was theoretical, and the immigrants were living in California poverty zones and weren’t outside your door, living in tents on the streets.

It’s not theoretical anymore.

Worries over price increases and the economy weren’t far behind, with 32% citing inflation as the most pressing issue in the US and 25% listing the “economy and jobs” as a top concern.

The immigration concerns have increased since the Biden administration reported a record-breaking 276,000 migrant encounters along the southern US border in December.

Increased focus on the issue also comes as lawmakers from both sides of the aisle work to hammer out a deal that would unlock some $61 billion in aid for Ukraine in exchange for beefed-up border security and changes to the US immigration system, including asylum laws.

There’s a lot of evidence this is not a real thing, and no one on either side wants it.

Most voters – 68% – said they wanted measures in place that would make it tougher to get into the country illegally. Half of Democrats – 50% – agree with ramped-up security measures as well.

Nearly two in three voters – 64% – said the immigration problem at the border is getting worse under President Biden’s leadership, and the vast majority – 77% – want the Biden administration to make a deal with Republican lawmakers that would increase border security.

That’s a big percent.

However, Biden’s entire program is: “infinity mass immigration from the whole world. America is a dumping zone for your poor and your criminals. There is a poem about it.”

But he started talking about how he’s against crime after running on an extreme pro-crime platform, so if he wanted to, he could become a hardcore anti-immigrant racist and no one would say anything.

The issue, we’ve seen, is that no one wants to give the money and weapons to the Ukraine because they want to save it for Israel, so there is no reason to stop the immigration.