iPhone Owners Accuse Apple of Slowing Down Their iPhones Prior to Release of the iPhone 11

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2019

Apple wants you to buy another iPhone even though the iPhone 11 has substantively little if any real changes over previous models. But it does come in six different colors!

People on the Internet are accusing Apple of deliberately slowing down their iPhones in order to push them into buying the new iPhone 11.

USA Today:

Apple admitted in 2017 that it deliberately slowed down older iPhones to protect aging batteries.

The tech giant addressed the issue with a software update and battery replacement program, saying in a statement that it “never – and would never – do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product.”

But people on Twitter are still skeptical. They say their older Apple devices began conveniently “acting up” soon after the tech giant announced the iPhone 11 earlier this week.

“So, of course I’m suspicious that yesterday’s Apple announcement killed my current iPhone. It just stopped working. Awesome,” Twitter user @ZarduBen wrote.

“The new iPhone was just announced and my phone randomly stopped working,” user @secondhandcurls tweeted.

It is quite plausible to believe that Apple would do something like this, simply because they have a documented history of doing such things.

As referenced above, hard data was published back in 2017 exposing how Apple issued an iOS software update that limited the performance of older iPhone models. They allegedly deployed this update to prolong the life of older batteries. The problem was that they were less than transparent about the change and went forward with it even though the problem could have been solved with a simple battery replacement. There was no need for them to throttle hardware performance with a software update.

The end result was that people accused Apple of purposefully messing around with iPhone owners in order to push them into buying a new iPhone.

After getting caught engaging in this chicanery, Apple issued an apology and offered their customers discounted battery replacements. 32 lawsuits were eventually filed against them over what became known as the Batterygate scandal.

On top of this, the iPhone 11, just like the past several iPhone releases, offers no substantive functional improvements over the previous model. The fact that the iPhone 11 will have a slightly different camera system and be available in six new colors are hardly convincing reasons to buy one.

Plus, many of the “new” features in the iPhone 11 have already been available in smartphone products put out by Samsung and Huawei.

Apple is basically just re-releasing the same smartphone product every year but with minor if not totally superficial changes. They are relying solely on brand recognition and marketing gimmicks to sell their products now. They are no longer one of the most innovative technology companies in the world and can’t even be considered a leader in the smartphone space.

It would be an understatement to say that Apple has been totally mismanaged by the disgusting cocksucking homosexual Tim Cook. His entire business strategy is based around conning his customer base into buying a new product that has no substantive changes over previous models.

So again, Apple could very well be deploying software updates to degrade performance and frustrate people to the point where they go out and buy an iPhone 11. And while we can’t say that this is happening for certain, it is very possible that it is when you consider the history of Batterygate and Cook’s obviously retarded business strategy.