Iranian Morality Police Accused of Leaving Short-Haired 16-Year-Old Woman with Tattoos Brain Dead

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A teenage Iranian girl who fell into a coma after she was allegedly assaulted by the country’s morality police for not wearing a headscarf is “brain dead,” state-aligned media said.

Armita Geravand, 16, was hospitalized with head injuries following the alleged assault at a Tehran metro station earlier this month, according to activists, just weeks after Iran passed draconian legislation imposing much harsher penalties on women who breach the country’s already strict hijab rules.

Follow-ups on the latest health condition of Armita Geravand indicate that her condition of being brain dead seems certain despite the efforts of the medical staff,” the state-aligned Tasnim news agency reported Sunday, without providing a source for the information.

Earlier in October, the Norway-based Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, which focuses on Kurdish rights, said Geravand was “assaulted” by morality police and fell into a coma. Another opposition network, IranWire, said Geravand was admitted to the hospital with “head trauma.”

Hengaw staffer Awyer Shekhi previously told CNN that female morality police officers had approached Geravand near the Shohada metro station and asked her to adjust her hijab.

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This request resulted in an altercation with the morality police officers physically assaulting Geravand. She was pushed, leading to her collapse,” Shekhi said.

Iranian authorities have denied the allegations, saying Geravand was hospitalized due to an injury caused by low blood pressure.

Geravand’s friends and family have echoed those denials in interviews with state media, though it is unclear if they were coerced into doing so. UN officials and rights groups have previously accused Iranian authorities of pressuring families of killed protesters to make statements supportive of the government narrative.

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Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.