Ireland: 11 Arrested After Anti-Invader March in Dublin

The pro-invasion protest was a lot smaller than the anti-invasion one, but you wouldn’t know it from the footage


The Irish are going HARD.

We’ve had enough of this shit.

Irish Times:

There was a large turnout of gardaí, including members of the public order unit, to police an anti-immigration march in Dublin on Monday afternoon that filed past a counter-protest on O’Connell Street before gathering at the Custom House for speeches.

Eleven arrests, mostly for alleged public order offences, were made over the course of the afternoon. When a group of the anti-immigration protesters tried to disrupt traffic after their rally the gardaí “proactively engaged with and disrupted this group’s activity”, the Garda said in a statement.

Hundreds of men and women, many carrying tricolours, assembled at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm, before marching behind an “East Wall Says No” banner down the east side of O’Connell Street to the bridge and turning along the quays to the Custom House.

Meanwhile, a substantially smaller number of people, many of whom waved Palestinian and anarchist flags, stood on the central meridian on O’Connell Street, opposite the General Post Office.

Somehow, these pro-invasion faggots are flying the Palestine flag.

Imagine waving a Palestinian flag while trying to do to your own people what the Jews did to the Palestinians.

The Jews are the ones trying to send Palestinians to Ireland – because they don’t want them in their home of Palestine!

These people might as well be flying the Jew flag – that’s whose agenda they’re supporting!

Hamas doesn’t support this!

The gardaí parked a number of white vans alongside the central meridian as the anti-immigration march approached, to create a barrier between the two groups. This had the effect of keeping the two sides away from one another but also slowed the passage of the march as it passed the counter protest.

Those in the march chanted “Olé, Olé, Olé,” “who’s streets, our streets” and “Leo, Leo, Leo, Out, Out, Out”, while those on the meridian chanted “refugees are welcome here!” and “Nazi scum, off our streets”. A large number of gardaí stood between the two groups or kept watch from nearby, including a number on horseback.

The march, which entered the top of O’Connell Street at about 2.30pm, had filed past the Spire by 2:50pm.

At the top of North Earl Street, an older Irish woman told two young men from Bangladesh, who had stopped to watch the protest, that she felt ashamed, but they told her not to worry, that there were people like that in every country. Meanwhile, under the portico of the GPO, a number of people from Pakistan protested against the recent jailing of the former prime minister of that country, Imran Khan.

The anti-immigration march proceeded to the Custom House, where a rally was addressed by a number of speakers including Malachy Steenson, the former Workers’ Party activist turned anti-immigration campaigner, and Herman Kelly, leader of the Irish Freedom Party.

Mr Kelly said it was good to have rallies to get the message out but what was really needed was to get people elected to the Dáil. Mr Steenson called on those at the rally to vote no in the March 8th referendum. At one stage those gathered at the Custom House chanted that Sinn Féin were “traitors”.

God bless Ireland.

God bless the Irish.

They’re also going to have to deal with the anal agenda of the Anal Pope, who is trying to install fisting operations in every church in Ireland.

But they will do it.

The Irish are the strongest of the races.

Longer video from the event