Fox News Says AI Threatens Democracy

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No one cares about freedom of speech, least of all the conservative media.

This was printed as a news article (not an op-ed) by Fox News:

It’s common knowledge that technology had a role in swaying voters in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Common to whom is this knowledge?

To add an additional layer of complications to the upcoming elections in the U.S., artificial intelligence will likely play a heavier hand.

While AI has been utilized in a multitude of ways in society, there are growing concerns about the use of generative AI during this election season, which may manipulate voters and undermine the elections.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that is capable of generating photos, written information and other data based on models that learn and process raw data as well as through user prompts.

How can generative AI be misused in this year’s election?

For every candidate who is using AI as a cost-saving measure, there are those who can use it for more malicious purposes.

While AI can be used to distinguish and exclude ineligible voters from registries as well as signature matches, it may end up suppressing voters by knowingly or unknowingly removing those who are actually eligible.

Chatbots and algorithms can be used to drum up incorrect information to voters, which can sway them against certain candidates.

In the worst-case scenario, AI can amplify hot-button issues and potentially stir up violence.

How tech and AI companies are failing to protect election integrity

Tech companies aren’t investing in election integrity initiatives. AI companies don’t have the connections and funding to manage any risks involved with how their tools get utilized for elections. This means that there is less and less human oversight on what AI generates as well as how the AI-generated information gets used.

The very nature of the American Constitution could be in direct conflict with AI during this election season as free speech is part of the very fabric of American ideals, yet preventing and stopping misinformation is crucial to ensure a fair election.

This is the worst bullshit ever.

If both Democrats and Republicans are attacking the robots, who will defend them?

Why doesn’t anyone care about freedom of speech?


Wouldn’t it be really easy for one of the parties to promote freedom of speech on principle?

Or are Americans simply too fat and retarded to themselves understand the value of freedom of speech?