Jewish Hate Mob Attacks Pro-Palestine Protesters at UCLA, Seeking to Reenact Gaza Slaughter in America

It was never the pro-Palestine protesters that were violent. Except for that Antifa infiltration at Columbia, and even then it was only violence against a building.

From the start of these protests, it was the ZOGbot cops that were violent. The cops were going in and attacking everyone.

The Jews are also ridiculously violent, seeking to reenact a campus version of their slaughter in Gaza.

All of the world’s wars come from the Jews. Of course they are the violent ones.


Mounting tensions on U.S. campuses boiled over on Wednesday when pro-Israel supporters attacked an encampment of pro-Palestinian protesters at UCLA, hours after police arrested activists who occupied a building at Columbia University and cleared a tent city from its campus.

Eyewitness videos from the University of California at Los Angeles, verified by Reuters, showed people wielding sticks or poles to hammer on wooden boards being used as makeshift barricades to protect the pro-Palestinian protesters before police were called to the campus.

The university canceled classes for the day on Wednesday, and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said the school would conduct an investigation “that may lead to arrests, expulsions and dismissals.”

Arrest the Jews! Expel the Jews! Dismiss the Jews!

This is the new BDS – the AED movement!

In a statement, Block said the “appalling” assault on pro-Palestinian demonstrators, which came hours after their encampment was declared an unlawful assembly by UCLA, was committed “by a group of instigators.”

Just call them “kikes.”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, who returned to the city early from a trip to Washington, and California Governor Gavin Newsom each issued separate statements condemning the overnight violence and calling for an investigation.

Neither the Los Angeles Police Department nor the university answered queries from Reuters asking whether any arrests were made at the confrontation, which began around 11 p.m. local time and went on for two or three hours.

Before the clashes in Los Angeles, UCLA officials declared that an encampment on its campus was unlawful, violated university policy and included people unaffiliated with the campus.

Afterwards, counter-demonstrators – many of them masked and some apparently older than most students – can be seen in videos throwing objects and trying to smash or pull down the wooden and steel barriers erected to shield the encampment.

Some screamed pro-Jewish comments as pro-Palestinian protesters tried to fight them off.

What were they?

Was it the Jewish version of “From the River to the Sea”?

Can we get a Congressional denouncement of pro-Jew speech?

I just didn’t think they would ever get to this,” said Kaia Shah, a pro-Palestinian protester and researcher at UCLA, “where our protest is met by counter-protesters who are violently hurting us, inflicting pain on us, when we are not doing anything to them.”

After witnessing the events in Gaza, why would you not think the Jews would try to hurt you?

How does that even make sense?

This is what Jews do: they hurt people. That’s the only thing they do.

Demonstrators on both sides used pepper spray, and fights broke out. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators said the counter-protesters threw fireworks at them and beat them with bats and sticks.

Benjamin Kersten, a UCLA graduate student and member of the pro-Palestinian group Jewish Voice for Peace, called it “a devastating night of violence.”

The encampment would be a peaceful effort were it not for the continuous presence of counter-protesters and agitators,” he wrote in a text message.

Well, Gaza would also be “a peaceful effort” if it were not for the Jews.

This is just what Jews do.

We have to stop talking about Israel, and start talking about Jews. Israel is simply one manifestation of Jewishness.

Judaism is a death cult which seeks to destroy all life on earth.