Ireland: Another Building Set on Fire After Rumors It Might House Invaders

Ireland is effectively on the brink of some kind of civil war.

These burnings of the invader centers are very serious business.

Irish Examiner:

An arson attack on a vacant building in Co Kildare that was falsely rumoured to be housing asylum-seekers in the future is the second incident at the property in a week, gardaí have confirmed.

A major Garda investigation is now under way after the seven-bedroomed property in Leixlip was deliberately set on fire at about 1.30am on Wednesday.

There had been peaceful protests taking place at the building for the past week. Gardaí have confirmed that so far there have been no arrests in relation to the Leixlip incidents and there are no suspects.

This latest fire is one of about 23 fires that have taken place at buildings around the country for similar reasons.

The fire was started after false rumours circulated online that the 5,000sq ft privately owned residence known as Honeywood on the Celbridge Road was going to be used as an accommodation centre for people seeking international protection.

The Department of Integration has confirmed the building was not being assessed by them and was not earmarked for asylum-seekers.

However, it has now emerged the building was already targeted last week, and despite engaging with protesters who were rallying at the property, as well as the wider community, a fire took place on January 30.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Superintendent Georgina Gray at Leixlip Garda Station said gardaí had tried to dispel the false rumours.

“We had been doing regular patrols when we became aware that there may be an issue at the property. That would have been put into our daily patrols. We were doing daily patrols, up there and an investigation did take place and was continuing up at that house.

This bitch is very upset

“We had liaised with the property owner, provided crime prevention advice and indeed got our own crime prevention officer to liaise with the property owner in relation to, I suppose, things that he could do to help prevent any further attacks on the house”.

She said: “I suppose it is very difficult for the public when rumours are going around and misinformation and we did engage, but unfortunately, the fears were there for people, and they just weren’t satisfied that it wasn’t going to be used for that purpose.”

The Indian Prime Minister of Ireland is using the same stupid, burned-out talking points in responding to these actions, calling it “hate.”

Obviously, anyone who burns a refugee center knows that this will be the response of the government, so you have to wonder what is the point of the government even bothering to say it.