Ireland: Conor McGregor Investigated for Hate Speech After Stabbing

Conor McGregor is the world’s most famous Irishman, and he’s against immigration.

This creates problems for the narrative that this is only a small band of ruffians that don’t like this race replacement program.

Irish people are the master race. So I would not be the least bit surprised if the Irish led the charge to clean out the filth.

Irish Mirror:

Conor McGregor is now officially part of an investigation by gardai over alleged incitement to hatred around the Dublin riots.

This paper has learned that following an examination of recent social media remarks by the UFC star, McGregor is now part of a wider official criminal probe which was formally alluded to yesterday by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

Commissioner Harris revealed to Dublin City Council’s Joint Policing Committee yesterday afternoon that there are now three live investigations over the horrific events of last Thursday.

They involved one on the stabbing of the girl, one on the riots, and another on social media commentary suspected of inciting hate.

Oh, come on.

An immigrant stabbed little kids! How do you expect people not to hate that???

The Irish Daily Mirror understands that McGregor, who posted to X ( formerly Twitter) both before and after the riots last Thursday, is one of the individuals now under investigation as part of that criminal probe.

Mean words on the internet did this

McGregor, who tweeted that Ireland was “at war” and “you reap what you sow” has not been spoken to by gardai at this juncture, and a spokesperson for him did not return a comment before this article went to print.

Meanwhile, the Mirror has learned that gardai are set to ask the UK police for help in enhancing the thousands of hours of CCTV and other footage of the ugly events last week — in order to speed up the investigation into the violence in the city.

Oh, yes – go to the enemy to help you arrest your own people.


By the way, just like every time there is an attack like this, the police knew about the guy and refused to do anything about him.

That’s just par for the course.

Conor is talking about running for office.

I’ve talked a lot of shit about this guy over the years, called him a traitor to the Irish race and so on. But as you all know, I’m a Christian, and I have unlimited second chances.

I would be comfortable with Conor becoming the racist regret of the island.

I will, however, keep my position as “Supreme Leader of the Irish Race.”

Probably, the Indian Occupation Government of Ireland attacking the country’s national hero is not going to go over very well.

But the question is: does Conor have the balls to go all in?