Foreigners Living in America Reaches 49.5 Million, Highest Ever in Recorded History

These people are desperate to contribute to your GDP, gringo

Obviously, this doesn’t count most of the foreigners.

I’ve said from the beginning that the chart on the sidebar of this site is a lie.

We’ve been a minority for a long time.

New York Post:

Nearly 50 million people living in the US were born in another country according to a shocking new report.

A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies found 49.5 million people — around 15% of the 330 million US population — were originally born in another country.

The report also states this percentage, the highest ever recorded since the nation’s founding, has increased during Biden’s presidency, which it attributes to migrants flooding into the country during the current border crisis.

An estimated 4.5 million people have crossed the border since Biden was inaugurated in January 2021 according to the study, which it notes is a larger number of people than the population of 25 US states.

The Census Bureau, where data for the study was collected from, had originally estimated the foreign-born population wouldn’t hit 15% until 2033.

These are just the official numbers; imagine how much worse it is in reality

However, monthly data collected from the Bureau shows the US has seen an increase of South American immigrants entering the country by 28% and Central American immigrants by 25% since 2021.

These figures include both legal and illegal immigrants, according to the Center of Immigration Studies.

“It is very likely that more than half of this increase, 2.5 million, is from new illegal immigration,” the study said.

The study’s authors, Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, estimate if immigration continues at the current pace, the US’ foreign-born population will reach 59 million, 17.3% of the population, by the end of Biden’s second term in December 2028, if he is reelected.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced today he has bused more than 70,000 migrants to sanctuary cities as part of his ongoing project to show non-border states how the migrant crisis is affecting America.

The largest amount, 25,000, have been sent to New York City, while 20,000 have been sent to Chicago, and 12,500 have been bused to DC, according to Abbott.

New York City alone has taken in more than 146,000 immigrants since last spring and is straining under the pressure of around 2,500 new asylum seekers each week, in a crisis which is expected to cost $20m. City leaders have repeatedly said the city is full and can’t handle any more people.

Mayor Eric Adams recently made dramatic budget cuts to help fund the increase in migrants, including taking away from the police and library budgets.

What the hell are these people doing here?

Why are they in our country?

How is this acceptable?

Why does anyone accept it?