Ireland is Back, Baby: The Lads Vote to Keep Feminist Language Out of Constitution

The lads over in the motherland appear to now understand that they’ve made a huge mistake by allowing the country to go full-anal, full-vagina, and full-nigger.

The backlash so far has involved anti-immigrant riots, burnings of “refugee” centers, and mass street protests.

Now we’re winning at the ballot box.


Irish voters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to revise the definition of families in the constitution and remove the mention of women’s “duties in the home.” Both the government and opposition parties have argued that the current text contains old-fashioned and sexist language about women and their role in society.

The referendum on the matter was held on Friday, on International Women’s Day.


Every man coming out of the voting booth should have punched a random woman in the face and told her to vacuum his car.

Voters were offered an option to expand the constitutional protection of families to include those founded on “durable relationships” other than marriage. They were also asked whether to remove the clause about the state’s duty to “ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labor to the neglect of their duties in the home.”

According to official results released late on Saturday, 67.7% voted against redefining the family, while nearly 74% rejected the removal of the “duties in the home” clause.

“I think it’s clear at this stage that the family amendment and the care amendment referendums have been defeated,” Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said at a press conference in Dublin on Saturday, admitting that the authorities had failed to convince the majority of the public.

The authorities are having a lot of problems convincing the Irish of anything.

This has happened before.

You see, in their natural state, Irishmen don’t really think very much of “the authorities.”

They’ve been dazzled for a couple decades by the material abundance brought in by their criminal tax scheme. But the day is coming and the day is here and the Eire will be free.

The lads have been activated.

You won’t turn them off again.