Is the War in the Ukraine Winding Down?

The Ukrainian state is always days away from collapse. That’s why the US has to make these emergency payments so regularly; when the Biden administration transfers something that doesn’t seem like a lot in the scheme of things – a few hundred million dollars – they are doing that to prevent a collapse of the Ukrainian state.

It’s an absolute fact that if the US cut support, the Ukraine would have to sign a peace treaty within days. And it would not be one beneficial to the Ukraine. Basically, in the event that the US cuts the money, Russia is just going to bend Kiev over a barrel.

Russia doesn’t want to rule over these people who speak “Ukraine language.” But they do want Kharkov and Odessa.

A surrender by the Ukraine is going to be an absolute nightmare for them, because everyone is going to realize that if they would have just surrendered the Donbass (or honored the peace deal) and agreed to not join NATO, they could have a lot more territory, a lot more people, and a lot more infrastructure.

Fighting a losing battle for a year and a half is always a really bad idea. “Losing battle” implies “all you can do is lose.”

The losses of the Ukraine are simply unimaginable.


Ukraine should hasten to end hostilities with Russia before the flow of American military and financial aid to the country dries up, a former aide to two Ukrainian presidents has said.

In a video on his YouTube channel posted on Tuesday, Oleg Soskin, who served as an economic adviser to Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma in the 1990s, described the US as “the key country” in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, arguing that if it cuts off its military assistance to Kiev, the latter will sign some kind of agreement with Moscow “within days.”

Against this backdrop, Soskin suggested that the US Congress may refuse to rubberstamp the request of US President Joe Biden to provide Kiev with an additional $24 billion in assistance, citing reports of growing reluctance among Republicans to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Brandon sent $700 checks to the victim of the Maui fires, then went there and fell asleep.

This is the context in which he’s agitating for sending another $24 billion to the Ukraine.

He’s now combined relief for Maui with the $24 billion for the Ukraine.

The optics of this are getting to be so unbelievable that hoaxing the 2024 election is going to be an absolute nightmare for the Democrats.

“Basically, this means that the House [of Representatives] will not pass this $24 billion. They think the situation is at a complete impasse. That’s why Ukraine won’t get any money,” he said.

If the US, which has already provided Kiev with tens of billions of dollars in various forms of aid, were to stop helping Ukraine, its NATO allies, including Germany, Britain and all other European countries, would follow suit, crippling Kiev’s military potential, the ex-official noted.

“I think that [Ukraine] should stop before the US does that,” Soskin said, suggesting that “there should be a meeting of smart people in Ukraine who would be more forward-looking” than Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his small group of what he called “war chanters.”

The media is now saying that the White House should have listened to Mark Milley and did a deal before the failed “offensive.” The fact that the White House refuses to listen to any military expert on this issue is just total madness. Instead, you’ve got these same Jews who did the Iraq War running things.

Glenn Greenwald’s Monday show was really good. Most of the articles he cites are ones you’re already aware of if you read this website, as I’ve been doing a stellar job in covering the shift in the media narrative. But he ties it all up with a bow in a nifty way, which I haven’t really had time to do (he’s got a bunch of writers for this show, whereas I’m just one guy – and further, I’ve been really busy the last two weeks waging a campaign of genocide on the Sword Coast).

I recommend his show and I recommend Rumble more generally. I’ve been watching it a lot in the background while I do other things. They’re basically a cable news network on the internet at this point. Although they let randos have channels, they make deals with certain creators to produce shows that are the same quality as anything on Fox News.

Most of their heavily produced shows are not as hardcore as what you’re going to get on this website (Glenn Greenwald is probably the closest, which is funny, since he’s literally a Jewish homosexual), but I actually really enjoy Russell Brand’s show.

I don’t enjoy or recommend Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show, but this week he did a big interview with Colonel MacGregor, who I do recommend very strongly.

This has turned into a bizarre situation – the fact that Tucker continues to interview the Colonel.

The Colonel agrees with me about literally everything – including the insanity of the push for war with China and the lunacy of claiming there is such a thing as a “spy balloon.” Tucker Carlson is a top agitator for war with the Chinese, and shilled the “spy balloon” hoax just as hard as Sean Hannity or any of these other boomer assholes.

I can guarantee you that Tucker says before the interview “you know, I think you’re a real expert on the Ukraine and Russia, but I don’t agree with your views on China, so let’s try to steer away from that topic during the interview.”

The Colonel does that, and I don’t blame him for doing it. The Tucker appearances are a big deal, and people who see him on Tucker can go see his other materials where he explains that there are people in the GOP who want to end the Ukraine conflict so they can start a war with China.

This is basically all of the conservatives pushing against the war with Russia – they want a war with China. And a war with China would destroy Russia, because Russia is only able to exist due to their alliance with China. Also, Russia would almost certainly commit troops if the US started a war with China, so the US would still be “at war with Russia.” It’s so retarded it makes me sick.

Donald Trump of course is against any of these wars. Vivek Ramaswamy’s current position is that he doesn’t care if China invades Taiwan, he just wants the US to have semiconductor independence first. He is saying that he doesn’t care about China incorporating Taiwan if it doesn’t affect the US. I don’t think this was always his position, but that is basically the right position.

Vivek is stumbling on a lot though, for the record. He has changed his positions a lot, and some of these interviews are confusing.

The biggest advertisement I’ve seen for Vivek thus far is this tweet from “conservative Jew” Mark Levin:

China was never planning on invading Taiwan. The official position of Beijing – before the Biden Administration – was that they want peaceful reunification some time around 2045. All the talk of war, the military drills around the island, come after Joe Biden changed the official US policy on Taiwan – which had been in place since the 1970s – and started saying Taiwan was an independent country and he wants them to fight a war against China.

Tucker Carlson – who is the mouthpiece of this conservative plan to stop the war in the Ukraine and start a war with China – makes arguments that it’s very important to preserve “democracy” in Taiwan – that is, gay marriage. I’ve never heard him talk about the semiconductor industry, which is a real issue. Why on earth the US allowed the entire semiconductor industry to be based in Taiwan, I have no idea, but that is a legitimate concern on its face.

It’s not a legitimate concern in reality, however, because Beijing has never wanted a military solution to Taiwan, and they have never wanted to stop selling semiconductors to the US. Colonel MacGregor and myself are the only public figures who are spreading the idea that China’s entire worldview is totally different from that of the West, and for them, everything is about money. And war is not profitable for them.

What Next?

With regards to the question: “is the war in the Ukraine winding down?”, the answer is “no one knows.”

While there is evidence it is winding down, based on what we’re hearing from the media about how badly they’re losing, and how many people in Washington want it to end, there is a chance that there could be another flip and it could change to “well, they’re losing – and that’s why we need to send in NATO.”

However, there’s a chance it is winding down. Since the failure of the offensive became undeniable, the media has in fact been talking about peace talks. It’s not clear at all how peace talks could work. But, Russia has the leverage that they’re winning the war hard, and the US has the leverage that they could invade and turn this into WWIII, so it seems like there should be room for a deal.

Glenn Greenwald says in the above video that he has no idea what the solution is, in part because no one in Washington is capable of admitting that this whole thing was a waste. He also notes that last week the New York Times – citing American officials – accused the Ukraine of being “casualty averse.”

The entire Ukraine military – what’s left of it – is sick of fighting this endless war for America. This, presumably, provides a narrative for the US to do negotiations – “oh, the Ukrainians turned pussy and they aren’t willing to keep dying by the hundreds of thousands, so we don’t have a choice.”

We also now apparently have a new coronavirus hoax being hyped up, and that could be used as a distraction while the US concedes that they lost the war.

Here’s the thing: maybe the war in the Ukraine will end, maybe it won’t. But if it does, the US is immediately going to pivot towards escalating the situation with China.

It’s a shame we can’t just vote the bastards out. But alas, in a democracy, voting is your only recourse, and voting is totally fake.

This is All One Big War

The Ukraine is not an isolated incident, Taiwan is not an isolated incident, Niger is not an isolated incident. Everything is lining up in terms of East vs. West, mostly along the old Cold War lines. Only this time, the war is not about capitalism and communism, but rather about the right of nations to have independence and self-determination – to make their own path in the world.

  • The United States – and by that, we really mean “the Jews” – believes in establishing a one world order, where everyone bows to “Western values” of anal sex. They want every nation to be mixed up through immigration, so that there can be a single culture, a single brownish race, under a single government.
  • China doesn’t want to mix with anyone; instead, they want to make a lot of money being the global center of international trade.

These visions for the world are incompatible, given that the US is demanding a totalitarian global order, which everyone must bow to. The US refuses to say “okay, well – you do your thing and we’ll do ours.”

There is a lot that can be said about this, but the situation is, at its core, a relatively simple conflict between these two visions of the future.

It is my very strong opinion that the Eastern system winning would be better for everyone on earth, including Americans. We are not under threat of invasion. It is our government that is doing the invading. Right now, the US government is at war with Russia, and threatening war with China, Niger, and Iran.

If this was a situation where the American people were benefiting, and the American military was looting the world and then distributing the wealth among the American people, that would be a different situation, and maybe some people would support that. But that is not the situation. America is the leading power in a war for globalism.

That is why there is zero concern about the American population while the government is claiming to be extremely concerned about “human rights” in very far away lands. It’s all a gigantic scam. Giving Hawaiians $700 while sending $42 billion to the Ukraine epitomizes the fact that none of this is intended to benefit the American people.