Mexico: Parents Burn Textbooks Designed to Transform Their Kids Into Communist Trannies


This is awesome.

You know who else did this?

I’ll give you three guesses. First two don’t count.

That’s right.

We hear constantly about the evil Nazi book burnings. They don’t tell you they were burning tranny books from the “Institute of Sexology” where a fat Jew invented trannies.

They never used to talk about which books the Nazis were burning. They had people thinking they were like, physics textbooks or something. Recently, however, as the tranny agenda has become popular, and they’ve wanted to associate anti-trannies with the Nazis, the Jews have started writing articles admitting that the books that were burned were tranny books.

This is from June of this year in the Jewish Daily Forward:

The Jew writer openly says that the Republicans are literal Nazis for trying to remove tranny material from children’s schools.

It’s a bold move.

I’ve found that boomers’ jaws drop when you say “you know which books they were burning, right?”

Not that boomers are going to get on board with a pro-Hitler agenda, but I think that the further away from World War II we get, the more people start to get the thing.

Even if you believe in the Holocaust, if you understand that Jews were doing in Germany what they are doing in America now, you start to have a “well, I don’t agree with it… but I understand” type situation.

Mexicans don’t care about the Holocaust, and it is utterly bizarre that the Americans are going there and forcing schools to push tranny stuff. Mexico is a hardcore Catholic country where the age of consent in some states is 12. They are very pro-family (at least until they come to America, at which point that all disappears into the anal ether – it’s also noteworthy that the ones coming here are all poor, and poor people tend to have much lower morality).

Obrador is a shill. He has his own agenda, but he is going to shill for America in every situation. However, the more America pushes this freak “anal for kiddies” stuff on the third world, the more they are going to be running to China, like “sirs, please help – these round-eyed pale skins are trying to stick things into my son’s butthole.”

Fox News:

Christian groups in Mexico have taken to the streets in protest of their department of education with one group burning books they believed was laced with “Marxist-communist” indoctrination last week, according to a report.

Parents in Mexico from Christian organizations have taken to the streets in the thousands to oppose new textbooks from the Ministry of Public Education they deem to contain sexual and gender ideology content, according to Mexico News Daily. At least 12,000 people attended. Aguascalientes is one of the 32 states which comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico.

Parents also burned the books in question in Chiapas, a southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala.

“At the elementary school in Chiapas… parents in the community piled up boxes of the new textbooks, doused them with fuel and set them afire,” the outlet reported.

The textbooks from the Mexican education department has mobilized parents into activism. Over 112,000 signatures were collected in a petition demanding the textbook’s distribution be stopped “because of sexualized and gender ideology content inserted without parental consultation.”

Mexican President López Obrador responded to the protest, claiming parents are “misinformed and manipulated” by a politicized agenda because they believe that the “virus of communism” is baked into the new, free textbooks.

In response to accusations the books were laced with gender ideology indoctrination, the president denied the claims, stating, “They have been prepared by teachers and experts.”

Here’s a video from a couple months ago with a Mexican former Congressman talking about how he was crucified for offending trannies:

Mexico went full tranny during the coronavirus hoax.

The United States exploited the chaos of that particular situation to try to force the whole world to go anal and even double anal (you read that right – double anal).

People really do not like this.

Whites are clearly the most tolerant of it.

Mexicans who are not totally tapped in politically presumably did not know their kids were being taught how to chop their dicks off until they opened up these textbooks. (We had a similar thing in America, where this was happening for years, and I was writing about it, and others were talking about it, but the masses thought of it as some remote and far-off thing until they found out it was in their kids’ school books.)

Mexico is deeply connected to the United States, obviously. However, it is likely you’re going to start to see more and more pushback. If 10% of Americans like the child tranny stuff, it’s probably less than 1% in Mexico.