ISIS to Use Gold and Silver Coins as Money

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave

November 15, 2014

Using gold and silver coins as money is a definite improvement over the Jewish usury fraud that currently dominates the financial world.

An interesting story here about how the Islamic State has decided to use gold and silver coins as money.  They say it will free Muslims from a financial system that has enslaved and impoverished them.

I can’t disagree with this statement.  The Jewish controlled world of international finance is based off of money that is created out of thin air of which they charge interest on.  Any monetary system outside of this Jewish debt based money system is an improvement regardless of what you believe about various economic theories.

The Guardian:

It has gathered its fortune through the tools of modern finance, but now Islamic State (Isis) aims to mint its own coins.

The move is reportedly the brain child of the Isis leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has personally overseen the design of gold, silver and copper coins of the Islamic dinar to be used in his self-declared caliphate – as soon as the terror group can locate a mint and enough precious metals.

Isis has released designs of the coins and a breakdown of denominations. It claims the currency will free Muslims from a financial order that has “enslaved and impoverished” them. But it isn’t totally eschewing the mainstream economy, acknowledging that each coin’s worth will reflect the metal’s value on commodities markets.

Gold will have two denominations, silver three and copper two. With the Isis caliphate not recognised anywhere in the world, the currency will have no value outside the swath of eastern Syria, and western and central Iraq under its control. And those who dare to trade with the group would run the risk of money-laundering and terrorism charges.