Jews Deny Bombing Fleeing Refugees in the Corridor They Told Them to Flee Through

The Jews are definitely, definitely, definitely telling people to flee, opening up a corridor for them to flee, and then bombing them as they flee.

This is definitely happening.

It is being universally reported that it is happening, and there is all of this video of it happening.

It’s about the nastiest thing imaginable, and the Jews are doing it for nastiness’ sake.

The Jews are a nasty, nasty group of people.

New York Post:

An airstrike on a convoy fleeing northern Gaza killed at least 70 people, including children as young as two, according to reports.

An additional 200 people were hurt in the incident, which happened on a safe route along the Salah al-Din Road in Gaza City Friday afternoon.

The road was filled with vehicles as Palestinians tried to flee the enclave before the end of an Israeli deadline to vacate Gaza, according to a report.

The Israeli Defense Forces denied responsibility for the deadly blast, saying there was no indication they were behind it.

What, did they bomb themselves, Jews???

What does that even mean???

The IDF had given more than one million civilians 24 hours to flee to the south of Gaza via two main roads between 10 am and 4 pm Saturday, local time.

This is yet another war crime.

It’s probably the most serious war crime – telling women and children you’ve opened an evacuation route, and then bombing it.

What kind of people do that???

The answer is: only one kind of people do that, and it’s the Jews.