Watch: Brutes Brawling Next to Kids and Strollers in Disneyland

It’s the happiest place on earth.

Until the brutes show up.

New York Post:

Shocking video shows a group of adults in a wild brawl over the weekend across from the Mad Tea Party ride at the famed Anaheim, Calif. theme park.

At least five men and women were seen shoving, punching, kicking and wrestling with each other in close proximity of several children, video shared on Instagram shows.

It was unclear what let to the dustup, which saw the brawlers nearly knocking over a baby stroller as they wildly threw haymakers at each other.

An Anaheim Police spokesman said the department assisted Disneyland Resort Security in responding to the fight.

No arrests were made and the incident remains under investigation,” the official said.

To be fair, the Mad Tea Party ride can be pretty frustrating.

Not this frustrating, however.