Israel: Gunman Opens Fire on Busy Street, Kills at Least 5

It was amazing to everyone when the Paki Occupation Mayor of London said that terrorist attacks were “part and parcel” of living in London. Everyone knows that if there was no Islamic immigration into Britain, there wouldn’t be any terrorist attacks.

However, I think it is fair enough to say that terrorist attacks are part and parcel of invading and occupying stolen Islamic holy lands.

New York Post:

A gunman randomly killed at least five people when he opened fire on a busy street in Israel on Tuesday before he was taken out by cops, reports said.

The suspected terrorist shooting in Bnei Brak, an ultra-orthodox suburb of Tel Aviv, comes after two other attacks by Arab citizens that have sparked fear of ongoing violence ahead of the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Saturday.

The shooter, identified by Israeli media as a 27-year-old Palestinian man from the occupied West Bank, was fatally shot by cops after he randomly fired at people on balconies and passing on the street, according to witnesses.

Amateur video from inside a building shows a shooter on the street below dressed in black, armed with an assault rifle.

The gunman is seen firing a shot, while moments later a bicyclist furiously pedals away to a side street. The shooter then walks into the middle of the street and appears to take aim at a passing SUV, the video shows.

The gunman was identified by the Jerusalem Post as Dia Hamarsha from Ya’bad, He was allegedly convicted in 2015 on arms dealing charges related to his affiliation with a terrorist group, the Post said.

After responding officers shot the suspect dead, they arrested two other men for suspected ties to the shooting, according to the newspaper.

You always wonder about these things.

You always wonder about everything.

Despite it being obvious that it is going to eventually happen sometimes due to the nature of the situation, Israel does seem to do a good job preventing this sort of thing, so you have to wonder.

You do have to wonder.